Using drill press as mill

A drill is a tool with a rotating tip that is used to make holes in different materials. The drills are often used in carpentry, metallurgy, construction, and in most of the projects "do it yourself". Special drills are also used in medicine and in other applications, such as in space missions. The drill is close to a clamp at one end of the drill and rotates while being pressed against the material you are drilling. The drill hole is the taking away of chips (or twist drill Mecchia), grinding small particles (oil extraction), or by breaking and removing pieces of the material (drills SDS).

The invention

The first drills were the drill string, which date back to the ancient Harappans and Egyptians. The bench drill, as a tool, it is the evolution of the bow drill and dates back to many centuries ago. Over the centuries, has been enhanced through a variety of resources such as human effort, water turbines and windmills, often with the use of straps. With the introduction of the electric motor at the end of the 19th century, there was a big rush to provide the tools for those engines, and among these there were the tools drills. The invention of the first electric drill is credited to Mr. Arthur James Arnot and William Blanch Brain [1], in 1889, in Melbourne, Australia. Wilhelm Fein invented the portable electric drill in 1895, in Stuttgart, Germany. In 1917, Black & Decker patented a trigger switch mounted on a pistol grip.

Hammer drill

The hammer drill is similar to a standard electric drill, with the exception that it is provided with a hammer action for drilling into walls. The hammer action may be enabled or disabled as needed. The hammer action is provided by two cam discs which are rapidly pulsing the spindle back and forth, while the drill rotates about its axis. This action button (hammer) is measured in Blows Per Minute (BPM), a common value is 10, 000 or more BPM.

Because of the relative masses of spindle + tip and the rest of the drill, the energy transfer is relatively inefficient and sometimes makes it difficult the penetration of harder materials, such as concrete, with great tips.
The vibration is felt by the user enough and the cams are generally made of hard steel, to avoid wear out quickly. Most electric hammer drills is from 6.3 to 9 amps and is limited to bits for standard wall, maximum size 12 mm.

A typical application for a hammer drill would be the installation of electrical boxes, supports for piping or shelves in concrete. Compare it with a rotary drill / a jackhammer, where only the tip is accelerated for the job. This is obtained through a piston model, rather than by rotating cams.
The hammers in rotation involve less vibration and penetrate in most of the materials which constitute the buildings. They can also be used as "simple drills" or "simple hammers", which extends their usefulness to tasks such as the crushing of bricks or concrete. The drilling depth is considerably greater than that of a hammer drills with the cams, and these drills are generally used for holes of 2 cm or more. A typical application for a rotary hammer drill would make some big holes for the screws in the foundations, or installing large main supports in concrete for handrails or benches.

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1.1 Machine Tool Basics - Intro to Lathe Operations - SMITHY ...

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