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1. S. [Formation Evaluation]

The unit of radioactivity used for natural gamma ray logs. This unit is based on an artificial concrete block from the University of Houston in Texas, USA, which is defined with a radioactivity of 200 units API (American Petroleum Institute). This radioactivity was chosen because it is considered twice the radioactivity of a typical shale. Formation is the primary standard for calibrating the gamma ray logs. However, even if they are properly calibrated, the different tools will not produce gamma necessarily identical readings in downhole because the detectors can have different spectral sensitivities. Only give the same reading when the downhole formation containing the same proportions of thorium, uranium and potassium standard Houston. For example, the logging tool during drilling (LWD) possess accommodations thicker than the wireline, leading to a different spectral response for the three sources of radioactivity and therefore generates different reading total gamma some formations. The calibration center hole nuclear logs of the University of Houston, known as API pools, was inaugurated in 1959 for the calibration of natural gamma ray and neutron. Subsequently added to calibrate center records natural gamma ray spectroscopy.

2007-05-06 20:04:30 by Desmadre8

I found their stuff better than the really cheap

Stuff you get at Walgreens, or 99-cent stores. Remember that even Craftsman tools are made in China. It depends on the standard of quality of the contracting party. A Craftsman made in China has to pass the same scruitiny as one made in Cincinnati or Illinois. If you are picky about where tools are made, look for used tools on CL or eBay. I bought all kinds of floor machines like drill presses, sanders, grinders, etc. then replaced some parts. Bought a 15" floor drill press by Craftsman for $60 then bought a new Jacobs 5/8" chuck on eBay for $49. The machine is like new. Bought a 6 1/8" planer from CL listing for $25 then bought new blades for $18

2009-12-15 14:56:21 by JerseyScrounger

Variable speed is not possible with an induction

Motor and similar brushless designs. It just won't work. An induction motor's speed is regulated by the AC frequency, not by voltage or current limiting speed controls. Sewing machines, routers, electric drills use brushed motors which can be operated at variable speeds. Those motors can also generally be operated on DC.
A sewing machine motor is an excellent example. They use a simple rheostat (variable resistor) in the foot peddle. If you connect a sewing machine speed control to a brushed electric motor, make sure it can handle the current need by the motor. The current rating should be on the label

2009-04-22 18:33:07 by quicklimegirl

RZ info for the_RC-51

From an old email & part of the old link we had:
F4i Shock Conversion for RZ350                        
Yep did it to my 85 KR. $24 for an ebay shock, $11 for adapter bushings from McMaster-Carr. 2 hours time. The freak'n cheapest mod I've done so far! Talk about bang for your buck. You even get to reuse the bolts. I took great pleasure in ripping out that stock junker!
It raised the rear about 1", the center stand is a little wobbly. Much stiffer but I weigh in at 220lbs so for me the ride is nice. Spring rates, don't notice, don't care

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