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Toolmakers Notebook: Treadle Drill Press


The cordless models are very portable and allows you to work away from electrical outlets. They are very handy when cord may be cumbersome or a risk of electric shock. Cordless drills must be charged in accordance with the directives of the user guide, the requirements vary depending on the battery charge and the type of drill. Power cordless drills is measured in terms of voltage (volts) plus volts, the higher the drill is powerful.

There are commonly two types of batteries: nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries and lithium-ion (Li-ion). Ni-Cd batteries have been around longer and are less expensive, while Li-ion batteries are lighter, charge faster and have greater autonomy. It is found growing in the market.

In cord

The corded run on electricity and generally offer more power and torque than the cordless models. If you plan to use your drill to work long, corded models meet all your needs, including prolonged use. If you plan to work in a place where an electrical outlet is easily accessible, a corded drill is a good option for you. The power of corded is measured in amperes, more amps equals more power.


The drills can be used as ordinary drills, but they are more practical for heavy work, including the drilling of more solid materials, such as concrete. As its name suggests, the function rotary hammer can produce 60, 000 strokes per minute to quickly pierce the concrete and tiles, stone blocks and brick masonry.

When you use a hammer drill to drill a hole in a solid object, you use the percussion system to break the blockage and return to the desired rotary speed mode to finish the job.

Screwdriver / Key Impact

The impact driver are similar to drills, except they are for other practical purposes, such as removing stuck bolts. Demanding jobs and dense materials do not withstand impact driver. With 2700 rounds per minute, key percussion have the power and strength to tighten nuts and bolts, which is their main function. The reverse function can loosen tight nuts.

Drills at 90 degrees

If you plan to work in hard to reach tight spaces with a power drill (corded or cordless) drill at 90 degrees is shown. It can drill holes 90 and offers easy access to narrow and confined spaces. Drills at 90 ° are an excellent solution for drilling holes for cable routing between the rafters and joists.

Cordless screwdriver

Essentially, the cordless screwdriver is exactly what its name suggests: a battery-powered screwdriver. If you need to ask a lot of screws, this tool will be very valuable because it will protect your hands and wrists, so you do repetitive movements required a manual screwdriver while allowing you to save time. However, the couple is usually too low for drilling, which will eventually wear out the mechanism and the exhaust stack.

Drill Presses

Drill presses are the only stationary drills. They are ideal for drilling precise holes equal distance and depth. They are very useful for accurately pierce metal, wood, plastic and many other materials. Drill presses also offer more power for drilling stronger materials, while stationary drills offer more precision and control. With proper installation, you can drill a series of holes of uniform almost any angle. If you are thinking of installing a home workshop, the drill is a great tool to buy first because of its versatility.

2011-12-23 05:56:40 by soapy_water

Need Ryobi drill press help

I bought a used Ryobi DP100 benchtop drillpress with no belt. I have discovered the belt is discontinued and I can't find one anywhere (brilliant!). Any chance anyone on here has a similar drillpress and could measure the belt or get a number off of it so I can source one elsewhere?
Thanks in advance.

2012-07-23 21:25:59 by HelpinSA

Craftsman Drill Press Phase 1 motor help ?

Hello all, I'm kinda new to this so I'll make it quick.
I have an old Craftsman Drill Press. The motor has been going bad for a while now. I would like to replace the motor BEFORE it's shot all together. I know NOTHING about this kind of stuff, however, was curious as if this motor can be used elsewhere and I just buy a new one.
I was thinking of suing this motor in a less stressful area, by taking it off and using it as a maybe a grinder or something. can I control the speed or does Phase 1 mean it only goes one speed.
Here is the link for the Drill Press just in case you need more to go on

2008-12-14 21:01:00 by sadmidget989798234

Speeds on a drill don't change

Hi boys and girls.
i have a Bosch drill. has 2 gears, that works. and a hammering sorta function. that works too.
However, it used to be that when u press the on button
a little bit it goes slow and when u press it hard goes fast.
now, it doesn't work till u push the button in all the way, and then it goes crazy. it's messing up all my heads.
i'm thinking it's probeably because of the switch itself (the thing that looks like a trigger). any alternative ideas before i order the part?

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