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The radial drill is used to drill holes / slots on large and heavy workpieces that hardly could be placed on the workbench of common machines.

A radial drilling machine consists of a base on which is fixed a robust column (radial drill column), on which in turn flows a supporting cylinder with an arm of the horizontal rails on which, in its turn a trolley with the head of the drill, and the related organs.

I used drills that we sell are in good condition and fully functional, a type of radial drilling machine with up-down-dropped the arm, head movement and motorized bench.

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2010-03-01 21:19:17 by UncleRoss

Part 2. Grip Shifters.

He replaced his stem mounted friction shifters with indexed grip shifters and new grips.
(He thinks this is hilarious. They're handlebars! (Printed in Engrish.))
I asked here earlier and got some good advice about a cable stop. I also found something online that ought to work. Then I had this bright idea. Rather than spend money, he modified part of my old FD to work as a cable stop. Frankenbike now has another modified Pack Mule part. He cut it down and drilled and counterbored the hole freehand with a die grinder. The alignment could be better but it shifts smoothly and the steel cable will eventually wear a radius in the soft cast aluminum

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