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The radial drill is used to drill holes / slots on large and heavy workpieces that hardly could be placed on the workbench of common machines.

A radial drilling machine consists of a base on which is fixed a robust column (radial drill column), on which in turn flows a supporting cylinder with an arm of the horizontal rails on which, in its turn a trolley with the head of the drill, and the related organs.

I used drills that we sell are in good condition and fully functional, a type of radial drilling machine with up-down-dropped the arm, head movement and motorized bench.

Radial Drill Press Bench | Radial drill column


2007-03-07 06:42:39 by ne4woodsprite

Left handed and tool user

Grin, I am left handed and I love to work with tools. Personally the favorite uses I have for a Dremmel are carving and routing.
In my work I much prefer to use a huge drill press for many things, it is like an extra hand for me. I live with my belt sander and scroll saw. I am now learning to use a radial arm saw... life is so much better with the proper tools.
I make small to miniature boxes and wood burn work for my re-enactment crafting... Ren Faires, SCA.
Just being female is not excuse for fearing tools! Go Girls!

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Ridgid Ridgid Sanding Drum
Home Improvement (Ridgid)
  • Ridgidr Sanding Drum; AC2030
  • For use with radial saws and drill presses
  • For use with drill presses, the AC6010 work arbor must be used
  • 2-1/4" diameter abrasive sleeve over expandable rubber drum;
  • Contains: Drum assembly; Sanding sleeve
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Taunton Press Mastering Woodworking Machines
DVD (Taunton Press)
Singley Specialty Sanding Drum, 3/4" x 2-1/4" x 1/4"
Home Improvement (Singley Specialty)
  • Eliminates the need to buy replacement sanding sleeves
  • Unique pin-locking device is simple and effective
  • Use on drill presses, lathes, motors, combination tools
  • Use on radial saws, and portable drills
  • Dimensions listed are drum diameter x length x shaft diameter

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