Jet Drill Press used

Drilling work for anchor

Drilling work for anchor

The drill for anchor work YG-100 has a fully hydraulic power head.It is commonly used to create large holes for drilling prestressed constructions side slope reservoir impoundment in hydroelectric plants,and drainage holes highways and railways.It can also be used in construction projects to prevent geological disasters such as landslides and land catastrophic collapse of rock,etc..In addition,the drilling equipment can be used for drilling small holes and high pressure jet grouting.

1.The drill for anchor work has great drilling capability,a large range of application,rapid drilling speed and high drilling performance and a good ability to deal with accidents.
2.The output shaft of the motor head is designed with an extension mechanism (Chinese patent: ZL03222451.6),which can effectively protect drilling tools.
Due to the fact adjust the power head and the upper plate of the hole in the opposite direction,the rig can be used to create holes elevation angle and to make holes with a wider range of tilt .
3.A set of adjustable column mounted on a forward part of borehole is used for adjusting the height of the frontal pole,which gives it easy to align with the hole site. (Chinese Patent ZL02264791.0)
4.The drill for anchor work comes with the design of separate structures,so that it can be simply assembled and disassembled and is convenient for transportation.In addition,it can perform a remote control and is an ideal solution to reduce the labor intensity of operators during drilling.
5.Equipped with imported hydraulic motor and other key components acquired from Chinese famous companies drill for anchor work has stable operating performance,reliable quality and long service life.
In addition,the wear parts of the drill have a good interchangeability,because of their high degree of standardization and universal,which makes maintenance easy equipment.
6.This drill for anchor work is fully hydraulic driven and can adjust the speed continuously.It is simple to operate,convenient maintenance and low wear parts.
7.The drill work for anchor can be used for various drilling methods such as carbide bit drilling,auger drilling,drilling the hole hammer,etc..

Main technical characteristics of the drill for anchor work YG-100
1.Hole drilling: φ110 ~ φ250mm
2.Depth of the borehole 120 ~ 60m
3.Drilling angle: 0 ° ~ 180
4.Speed ​​of the motor head: 5 ~ 42 (slow) r / min,5 ~ 90 (fast) r / min
5.Couple the powerhead: 6000Nm
6.Moving the drive head: 1800mm
7.Capacity of the drive head: 55kN
8.Power of the motor head capacity: 40kN
9.Travel distance of the mast: 500mm
10.Motor output: 37kW
11.Nominal pressure of hydraulic system: 18Mpa
12.Total weight: 2500kg approx.
13.Weight of the widest part: 300kg
14.Overall dimensions (L × W × H): 3450 × 1750 × 1500mm

Terms of trade
1.MOQ: 1piece
2.Delivery time: 0-7 months
3.Delivery Port: Wuxi / Shanghai
4.Terms of payment: Cash on Delivery
5.International markets: the United States,Mexico,Brazil,Colombia,Singapore,Malaysia,Indonesia,Australia,Russia,Ukraine,Kyrgyzstan,Germany,France,Morocco,Armenia,Oman,Tanzania,Sri Lanka,India,Bangladesh,Pakistan,Congo,Sudan,and more.

2008-10-13 18:52:48 by JerseyScrounger

A drill press is rarely more than 2 HP

And are usually 1/2 to 1 1/2 HP, which can be run easily off of conventional wiring and household circuits, there is little need for three phase. The only reason to make them three phase, is to make them compatible with wiring and power in industrial locations. Though there are advantages in the motors power curve and efficiency as well, but again that stinks of industrial tooling.
I would have to look at the heavy duty industrial drill presses at a place like Grizzly tools to find three phase drill presses.
Of course you are talking price tags over a thousand dollars before you see three phase motors used

2011-12-23 06:48:08 by trolling4-dhalibut

Ah hope th' belt runs in pulleys

Like most other drill presses. They haf a couple of bolts fo' mino' adjestments. Take th' drill press t'an auty parts sto'e whar they haf walls full of belts. Eff'n yer havin' a drillin' emerjuncy yo' kin use a pair of nylon stockin's an' make a belt. Ryobi is not a quality bran', eff'n yer serious buy Delta o' a used craf'sman, as enny fool kin plainly see.

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