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Metal cutting test background

1898-1901 years, Frederick Winslow Taylor employed by Bethlehem Steel Corporation (Bethlehem Steel Company), to obtain a high-speed tool steel patents. After 1901, most of the time he engaged in consulting, writing and speaking , etc., to publicize his set of management theory - " scientific management . " From 1881 in Midvale company , in order to solve the problem of workers sabotage, Taylor conducted a metal cutting tests. He has some knowledge of metal cutting operations, so he's on the lathe efficiency problem is studied and began the expected six month trial. In a lathe, drill press, planer, etc., to decide what kind of tools, how much speed to get the best processing efficiency. This test is very complex and difficult, originally scheduled for the six months actually it took 26 years! Spent huge amounts of money, spent more than 80 million tons of steel, a total cost of about $ 150, 000. Finally, Bath and White dozen other expert assistance, has made significant progress. This trial also received an important by-product - high-speed steel and patented inventions.

Test results showed that the mechanic can greatly increase the yield of high-speed metal cutting tool steel, and has made a variety of machine tools appropriate speed and feed rate and cutting standards and other information.

Metal cutting tests Introduction

  • Set the people moving time, they should be maneuvering time
  • Carried out 26 years
  • Cutting 80 million tons of steel
  • Experiments carried out thirty thousand
  • The invention of high-speed steel, obtained a patent
  • The income of the patent disseminate scientific management

Metal cutting test the significance of

Metal cutting tests for his scientific management ideas laid a solid foundation so that management has become a real science, which after the management theory of maturation and development has played a very big role.

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2008-10-13 18:52:48 by JerseyScrounger

A drill press is rarely more than 2 HP

And are usually 1/2 to 1 1/2 HP, which can be run easily off of conventional wiring and household circuits, there is little need for three phase. The only reason to make them three phase, is to make them compatible with wiring and power in industrial locations. Though there are advantages in the motors power curve and efficiency as well, but again that stinks of industrial tooling.
I would have to look at the heavy duty industrial drill presses at a place like Grizzly tools to find three phase drill presses.
Of course you are talking price tags over a thousand dollars before you see three phase motors used

2011-12-23 06:48:08 by trolling4-dhalibut

Ah hope th' belt runs in pulleys

Like most other drill presses. They haf a couple of bolts fo' mino' adjestments. Take th' drill press t'an auty parts sto'e whar they haf walls full of belts. Eff'n yer havin' a drillin' emerjuncy yo' kin use a pair of nylon stockin's an' make a belt. Ryobi is not a quality bran', eff'n yer serious buy Delta o' a used craf'sman, as enny fool kin plainly see.

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