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HD - PAM520 Air series models have two patents in Taiwan and China affirmed. Stepless variable speed feed, flexible operation. Rapid feed when high stability, to ensure good quality of work. Deep operations, unlimited withdrawal crumbs, broken drill bit difficult (PAM - 520A type). Crumbs back quickly after homing, a substantial section of the work to save time and increase production. Can adopt two-stage material for hollow fast feed, improve work efficiency (PAM - 520C type). This series of models retraction device has a fixed delay, depth precision. Foot controller can be configured to provide users with a variety of control options.

2007-11-15 20:44:25 by mushroom

Use of drill press?

Hi, I'd like to drill 8 or 10 3/4"-holes in each of two pieces of wood (I'm making a clothes drying rack--I'll insert 3/4" dowels into the holes). I need to make sure the holes are straight/perpendicular, for it all to fit together. I think that if I did it free-hand with my drill, they'd be pretty crooked. So I guess I need a drill press.
The Berkeley tool lending library said they couldn'...get the holes straight, using my drill? Or is there any way a person such as myself could get access to a straight-drilling machine, maybe at a school? Do you think a wood shop instructor out there would do the job for me? How much should I offer, if it comes to that? Are there businesses that offer services such as this? I'd rather do it myself, but the most important thing is that it gets done

2008-08-20 09:22:53 by FixitMike

I've used a benchtop drill press for

15 years. The few times I needed to drill a hole in the end of a board, I first made a drill guide by drilling a hole in a piece of hardwood and then clamping that piece to the board where I wanted to drill. Then I used my portable drill.
If you are thinking using a mortising attachment, you may need the floor model to get the space required.
Check the quill travel. The more the better.

2012-04-19 07:45:44 by jimmymac60

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