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Who does not know or have never seen a drill?

An indispensable tool in which you use for many purposes. Obviously, the main purpose of the drill is to predrill something in a precise manner, which could be a masonry wall, a piece of wood, an iron plate also. But with the use of different bits is also possible to screw and unscrew the screws for example.

But probably not everyone knows that there is no need to use the drill for some details. First it is not as simple as it seems. The main difficotà is to be able to hold him down and perpendicular to the wall or any other surface, in order to have a perfectly straight hole and make sure that the drill can escape in other directions ruining what meets. A simple way is to puncture, with the aid of a punch, the part where the tip and will go with a determined force to drill the hole. However, before making a hole on a wall is good practice to inquire (perhaps through apposite seedlings) if in that area there may be of the gas or water pipes or electrical wires.

Another difficulty is to pierce with the right porfondità. A tip would be to mark the fuse with a marker or applicargli above a bit 'of tape, thus limiting the depth that you have to give.

When a hole is useful to start with fuses of smaller diameter, and then increased up to the size that you need. So be able to prevent the major drawback of making a larger hole than expected.

It 'a good idea to inquire about the different fuses that are utlilizzate for different materials and when using the drill is good practice to always use gloves and a pair of goggles.

2010-03-01 21:19:17 by UncleRoss

Part 2. Grip Shifters.

He replaced his stem mounted friction shifters with indexed grip shifters and new grips.
(He thinks this is hilarious. They're handlebars! (Printed in Engrish.))
I asked here earlier and got some good advice about a cable stop. I also found something online that ought to work. Then I had this bright idea. Rather than spend money, he modified part of my old FD to work as a cable stop. Frankenbike now has another modified Pack Mule part. He cut it down and drilled and counterbored the hole freehand with a die grinder. The alignment could be better but it shifts smoothly and the steel cable will eventually wear a radius in the soft cast aluminum

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