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Drill Press

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Who does not know or have never seen a drill?

An indispensable tool in which you use for many purposes. Obviously, the main purpose of the drill is to predrill something in a precise manner, which could be a masonry wall, a piece of wood, an iron plate also. But with the use of different bits is also possible to screw and unscrew the screws for example.

But probably not everyone knows that there is no need to use the drill for some details. First it is not as simple as it seems. The main difficotà is to be able to hold him down and perpendicular to the wall or any other surface, in order to have a perfectly straight hole and make sure that the drill can escape in other directions ruining what meets. A simple way is to puncture, with the aid of a punch, the part where the tip and will go with a determined force to drill the hole. However, before making a hole on a wall is good practice to inquire (perhaps through apposite seedlings) if in that area there may be of the gas or water pipes or electrical wires.

Another difficulty is to pierce with the right porfondità. A tip would be to mark the fuse with a marker or applicargli above a bit 'of tape, thus limiting the depth that you have to give.

When a hole is useful to start with fuses of smaller diameter, and then increased up to the size that you need. So be able to prevent the major drawback of making a larger hole than expected.

It 'a good idea to inquire about the different fuses that are utlilizzate for different materials and when using the drill is good practice to always use gloves and a pair of goggles.

2004-09-18 14:50:25 by smittythewelder

Re. "Drill Press, Anybody"

Kyre wants to drill his own motorcycle rotors. People tried to talk him out of it. Why? How's a kid going to learn anything if he doesn't take a few chances and screw up a few parts? It's not like he's going to total his bike.
Kyre, I've done this operation on my old Yamaha RD-400, and if I can, you can. First, come up with a hole pattern, lay it out, and transfer it to heavy paper. Or, paint the rotors with layout dye, and scribe the pattern on directly. Be accurate so you don't throw the balance too far off. Then center-punch for each hole.
Go to an industrial supply, not a cut-rate hardware store, and buy two cobalt drillbits of the size hole you want

2004-10-04 15:34:42 by pwt

First, I want to congradulate you!

I think you held out for a week after you said you would no longer reply to my posts.
That was about 6 days, 23 hours and 55 minutes longer than I thought you'd manage. I am truely impressed. Again, congradulations!
Don't know how much "BS" I can manage for you on this one. So sorry.
Personally, I think drilled rotors are more of an afectation than anything useful, so it's not someth...looked into. So while we are mostly in agreement here (in that neither of us would drill our own rotors on a drill press), our reasons differ.
Since you asked for "BS" I'll try a little Basic Science for you, how's that? Now, this may be beyond your understanding, but here goes

2004-08-01 16:35:47 by In_One_Generation

How America became Tolerant of Gays

Newspapers and magazines may very well be hungrier for gay advertising dollars than television and radio are. And the cost of ads in print is generally lower. But remember that the press, for the most part, is only read by better-educated Americans, many of who are already more accepting of homosexuality in any case. So to get more impact for our dollars, we should skip the New Republic and New Left Review readers and head for Time, People, and the National Enquirer. (Of course, the gay community may have to establish itself as a regular advertising presence in more sophisticated forums first before it is accepted into the mass press

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