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Craftsman 1/2 hp 15

Find below all the classified ads of used drills for your machining jobs. Leading manufacturers of hand drills are Dubus, URBAN, Omec etc.. For more information about the machines, contact sellers directly by phone or by email. You have a professional drill for sale? Post your. Ads for free


The drill is a machining wood present in all carpentry and cabinetmaking. If you operate in the timber industry, read this information and you will be able to buy your drill used wood.


The wood is a drill machine used wood for drilling holes of various diameters and depths. This hand drill can usually break, in addition to wood, metal, rock and pvc


We must distinguish the portable drills machines workshop tools.

Among the portable drills include:

- The drill without opportunity, equipped with an electric motor, can drill different materials thread

- The hand drill, but sketchy versatile tool that can be used as drill screwdriver and chisel.

Among the workshop drills include:

- The drill hand column is an electric machine (few hundred watts) mounted to a workbench or built for specific and important holes (several centimeters). The mandrel (or drill with taper shank) is adjustable vertically while the clamp is held in which the part is sliding.

- The radial drilling machine used is a machine tool similar to the drill but is more versatile. Can be made ​​counterbores (flat bottom holes) bores (retouching funds) and more holes in various positions. Indeed, the spindle is mounted on a sliding carriage, which can also rotate with the column axis. For non-vertical drilling, it is possible to bring your drill a tilting head.


Brands of drills wood are many, but we only mention Fein, Atlas Copco, Voortman, Festool, Makita, Metabo, Facom and Ingersoll Rand.


en fonction de la dureté des bois à percer, du type de perçage et de la durée des opérations. Select drill used depending on the hardness of the wood drilling, type of drilling, and the length of wood operations.

IRWIN IRWIN 226340 4-Inch Drill Press Vise
Home Improvement (IRWIN)
  • 4-Inch Jaw Width
  • 4-1/2-Inch Clamping Capacity
  • 1/2-Inch Throat Depth
2011-12-20 11:56:46 by UncleRoss

Good used steel tourer in your size.

I commute on my touring bike and treat my commute as a short tour.
I have a rear rack that can hold grocery-getter panniers, usually carry a duffel bag, and always have a seat bag.
I routinely carry about 20 lbs of books and school supplies, up to 60lbs of groceries. My record load is 148 lbs of books and tools from an estate sale.
I always carry lock and cable, MicroRocket pump, patch kit, spare tube, batteries for front and rear lights, bungees, compass, flashlight, water bottles.
With my setup I can pick up interesting things I find by the roadside, like a 41 lb drill press

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