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Product Description

Belt 5 speed, stroke of the shaft 50 mm with scale. Cast iron table base. Chuck 13 mm wrench. Silverline reputation and the trust of its customers across Europe and the UK is no longer to be confirmed. With a full range of tools, Silverline meets current and future needs of its customers. New products with the latest technology, are issued each day to ensure our customers have all the tools in hand quickly.

Silverline range of products includes more than 5, 000 hand tools and electric, whether for home, garden or workshop. More guarantee Silverline is out any competition: hand tools are guaranteed for life, and 3 years for power tools.

All Silverline products are subject to rigorous tests, carried out by qualified technicians to ensure tools in compliance with the latest standards of quality and safety. Thanks to continuous monitoring and the selection of our suppliers, we guarantee delivery tool validated and certified with long warranties. You can be sure of your purchase.

Silverline is environmentally friendly. Since our tools come from factories around the world, we want to organize continuous improvement programs to ensure to deliver only quality tools that meet the latest environmental standards.

Silverline is committed to supporting human rights and moral and ethical values. We regularly monitor our supply chain through audits and assessments to meet and improve working conditions in our factories. All suppliers must comply with our requirements in accordance to the local and international legislation and provide a healthy and safe working environment.

Product Description

Power drill column 350W. Drill drive 5-speed belt and a maximum drilling depth of 50mm. Sturdy base and cast iron base. The apparatus required to drill at a high degree of accuracy.

2006-01-23 04:30:28 by ElShmucko

Looked up factory support for my drill press

Ryobi Drill Press:
Where can customers obtain replacement parts?
Just buy a new drill press.
Where are Ryobi tools made? Who knows, China or someplace.
How do I know if my product is still under warranty?
Once you unpack and use it, warranty is expired!
Where can I buy Ryobi products?
Home Depot, eBay, flea market by Oakland Coliseum
What is the warranty for Ryobi products?
1 Day.

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