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Part of the Spanish contribution to the project of Curiosity on Mars was lost in the moment of landing . One of the Catalan manufacturing sensors for measuring wind broke upon hitting a rock on the descent to the planet's surface, according to NASA report. Fortunately, it is in perfect condition other than itself is serving to estimate parameters.

Speaking to Europa Press, one of the researchers involved in the development of sensor, Luis María Castañer, explained that "the chip had two sensors to measure in three directions, so that much of its operation will be respected."

Environmental Station Mars explorer Curiosity is designed, developed and manufactured in Spain. It was developed by researchers at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and controls air temperature and land, air pressure, wind and other variables every hour.

NASA explained that in a typical Martian day, based on measurements of the robot during the last two weeks, the air temperature ranges from 3 to -91 degrees Celsius.


The director of the mission of Curiosity, Michael Watkins, said Tuesday that they planned to send later in the day the rover commands "to make our first walk" on Wednesday. If all goes well the rover will move forward 3 meters, turn right and "will park" slightly to the left of the starting point, where it landed two weeks ago. The test is part d test maneuvers setup that made NASA engineers since joining the Red Planet in the early hours of August 6.

In these first two weeks Curiosity already stretched its robotic arm length of 2.15 meters, a turret of instruments that includes a camera, a drill, a spectrometer, which will act as a scoop shovel, and a strainer for separating samples pulverized rock and soil. He has also used its powerful laser that pulverized a rock the size of a fist to corroborate the good performance of the telescope and carrying the three spectrometers.

It has also moved its wheels, to test the browser navigation system, and sent hundreds of black and white photographs and color that have provided the sharpest view of Mars known so far, whose land has been compared to the desert Mojave (U.S.).

The rover the size of a golf cart and with a ton of weight, came with a two-year mission in which part of the world tour to analyze its composition and determine whether there are or ever were the conditions to support life.

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  • Descend to the surface

    Photo: NASA

  • Swing Arm
  • The video of the landing
  • Photo Drop
  • Photo of Curiosity
  • Curiosity
  • Curiosity and its shadow on Mars
  • Mars
  • Panorama
  • Analyzing the field
  • One of the first images

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  • John Grunsfeld, Charles Elachi, Theisinger, Richard Cook, Adam Steltzner and John Grotzinger, becoming history.
  • NASA personnel and Martian Science Laboratory (MSL, for its acronym in English) shake hands during a press conference.
  • Richard Cook, Pete Theisinger and Adam Steltzner.
  • Bobak Ferdowsi, Martian Science Laboratory (MSL), cries of excitement.
  • Kelley Clarke celebrates the arrival of the first images of Curiosity.
  • When it was confirmed the successful arrival of Curiosity to Mars.
  • Personal Martian Science Laboratory (MSL, for its acronym in English), in the control room Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.
  • Adam Steltzner celebrates landing.
  • Brian Schratz hugs a classmate right after landing.
  • Steve Collins of the U.S. space agency NASA, wait for the "seven minutes of terror.
  • Engineers working drive before arrival at Mars.
  • Personal Martian Science Laboratory (MSL, for its acronym in English), in the control room Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

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I have the tool chest on top of mine. If I didn't, I'd probably go with a hefty piece of solid wood or butcher block so I could bolt something to it (like a vice or a drill press) and utilize the space.
I bet if you search the microwave carts listed on CL, you'll find one with a nice thick butcherblock top shelf that will be close to the right size (for not much money). Then, just dismantle it so you can use the top shelf and toss the rest.
If you want solid wood, check CL ads or garage sales for a sturdy (thick wood) end table or coffee table that's close to the right size

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