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The professional blue produces tools for artisans who do not want to compromise in terms of quality of their daily working tool. Bosch offers cordless so the craftsmen of high quality in all dimensions and power, pulsed by the screwdriver up to the powerful hammer drill, with a vast assortment of products developed technically ready for very demanding requirements.

The compact GBM 6 RE Professional is the Bosch drill quickly and accurately. With its 4000 rev / min is particularly suitable for small diameter drilling. A spindle attached in support ensures the highest accuracy even years later. A real "Mr. Muscle" is instead the GBM 32-4 Professional , the most powerful 1500 watt Bosch drill and a drill diameter up to 32 mm. Thanks to its 4-speed gear allows you to fine tune the transmission. The engines equipped with roller bearings and gears ensure a long life even in case of high stress.

Professional Blue Power Tools. For professionals from professionals.

A drill Bosch, providing precision and handling

Bosch in the set are of the highest quality hand tools for screwing, drilling and mix. In addition, Bosch power tools offer the quality-conscious artisans also angle grinders or hand saws with innovative features, such as the GWS 11-125 CI Professional with KickBack Stop. This compact sander detects a blockage and automatically turns off immediately.

Look for a reliable and precise manual tool that makes no compromises? With a drill Bosch will have a tool of the highest quality.

2009-05-09 15:06:26 by NightOwl_jlk


I have the tool chest on top of mine. If I didn't, I'd probably go with a hefty piece of solid wood or butcher block so I could bolt something to it (like a vice or a drill press) and utilize the space.
I bet if you search the microwave carts listed on CL, you'll find one with a nice thick butcherblock top shelf that will be close to the right size (for not much money). Then, just dismantle it so you can use the top shelf and toss the rest.
If you want solid wood, check CL ads or garage sales for a sturdy (thick wood) end table or coffee table that's close to the right size

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