Drill press with milling table

Milling and Drilling Machine

Milling machine

Milling is a process of machining, milling machines made by

Special tools called cutters. In milling, the removal of the allowance

piece is made by combining two motions performed simultaneously. A

movements is rotation of the tool, the milling tool. The other is the table movement is

machine, which is attached to the part to be machined.

It is the movement of the machine table or forward movement in the part

to the mill and makes possible the operation by machining.

Types of cutters

The cutter is a tool used for milling, which provides an advantage over other types of cutting tools, because the teeth are not working being cooled, reducing wear of the tool. Are classified into some groups, the main ones being:

- Circular milling;

- Endmills;

- Angular cutters;

- Cutters constant profile;

- Cylindrical cutters.

Circular cutter

Having your teeth distributed over a circular area, this type of cutter are more used in the machining of grooves, there three main types:

Fresa circular top Spurs

DIN 885-BH

Circular cutter teeth crossed alternating

Cutter whose teeth are alternately have opposite senses of helix being commonly used in this type of application deep grooves.

Cutter teeth crossed alternating

The DIN 885 type N

Cutters which are extremely thin in general have, for a given diameter, a larger number of teeth than the cutters in common. They are used usually for the purpose of sawing and obtaining very narrow grooves.



, são usadas para facear, ranhurar, executar bolsões, rebaixos, matrizes, gravações, rasgos de todos os tipos e tamanhos, fresar contornos. Also called cutters with shank, are used for face milling, grooving, perform pockets, recesses, arrays, records, tears of all types and sizes, milling contours. Cut in both the periphery and the front and can be used in both vertical and horizontal milling.

Are employed in milling and other applications where the fronts of the cutter teeth should trabalhar.Os can be straight or helical and are spread over the cylindrical surface and on a front face.

2 endmill cuts

End mill with straight or helical teeth number for roughing

Used generally for small jobs such as machining grooves and profiles, as well as the milling of narrow surfaces. Among them destascam to the cutters for chopping coarse teeth, which have a high yield, because the gaps between the teeth prevent this warm up quickly allowing the cut at high speeds.

End mill for roughing DIN 844NR

Cutters for cutting grooves in "T"

CMT 4" Cross Slide Drill Press Vise Metal Milling Machine
Home Improvement (CMT)
2010-06-21 20:17:06 by JerseyScrounger

A plunge router makes a great drill press

Operation, and it can make perfect flat bottom holes. With guides the holes or a series of holes can be precisely done. For example the row of holes in the sides of a book cases or cabinets for adjustable shelves that sit on support pegs.
Make a template in a piece of fiberboard for precise hole placement.
Plunge routers also work very well in router tables with the lift springs removed. You can Google your router model and the words "remove springs".

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AJ 5" Drill Press Vise
Home Improvement (AJ)
  • Chrome plated, cold rolled steel screws
  • Powerful, replaceable serrated stell jaws
  • Durable cast iron construction, 5" throat opening
  • Chrome plated swivel crank handle conveniently out of the way
  • Slotted base positions easily on drill press table or workbeneches
Getter Done Jig
Getting ready for PlasmaCam 5
Dremel Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Work Station
Home Improvement (Dremel)
  • Rotary tool work station holds more than a dozen Dremel tool models
  • Converts to drill press; drills at 90-degree vertical angle and in 15-degree increments to 90 degrees horizontal
  • Features a sturdy metal 56-square-inch base
  • Includes work station, mounting wrench, and instructions; rotary tool not included
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty
Proxxon Proxxon 27100 Micro Compound Table KT 70
Home Improvement (Proxxon)
  • Clamping accessories for easy attachment on or below the MB140/S, TBM115 and M...icro compound table; can also be used with other drill stands or drill presses
  • Adjustable ruler facilitates positioning of cross slide; covered spindle to protect from dirt; one set (2-Piece) of step clamps are included, set up ease
  • X-travel 5-9/32-Inch (134mm), Y-travel 1-13/16-Inch (460mm), overall height 1-11/16-Inch (43mm)
  • Fits drill press no.38128 and drill stand no.28606
Proxxon Proxxon 24260 Precision Machine Vise for MF 70
Home Improvement (Proxxon)
  • Precision manufacturing makes clamp especially suited for intricate and accurate working
  • Milled of steel for long lasting precision
  • Comes in wood box for secure storage

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