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Stuttgart Möhringen - In the fields at the southern end of the Schelmenwasenstraße construction workers are busy on these days pottering. "We are currently preparing the site equipment" confirms a spokesman for the Communications Office Stuttgart 21 on request of the editors. Concretely, this means that construction workers are busy setting up the future for road construction work on the tunnel Filderstadt. "But the track is widened, " said the spokesman. The construction workers have to further paved area and erected concrete barriers. Six trees would also have to give way, the spokesman added.

Early summer of 2013 to the edge of the business park will begin preparations for the tunnel portal, so there early next year, the tunnel boring machine, a giant drill can be used. The 120 meter long, 2000 ton, 6500 horsepower behemoth eats from the tunnel mouth on the edge of Fasanenhofs successively to the city center down to turn on the Wagenburgtunnel and to dig up the second tube back to the Filder. The Filderstadt tunnel itself has a simple length of nine and a half miles. On a length of 250 meters, it first runs together with the tunnel Obertuerkheim which then leads into two tubes towards Obertuerkheim.

The talks are ongoing "

"On its way, the building rises from about 230 meters to 385 meters at" can be read on the website of the railway project. He continued: "On average there 16 meters per kilometer length to be overcome." According to the spokesman of the Communications Office of the plate diameter is 10.82 meters. The later corresponds to the diameter of the tunnel. The tunnel boring machine has been built by Herrenknecht in South Baden. Until they dismantled into many items shipped to Stuttgart and finally is used to drill in Kehl is stored.

While the so-called cutting will eat into the mountain, the walls are directly in connection with so-called tubbing - that's concrete rings - lined. In order to produce these parts locally, the agency responsible for the construction Porr Baugemeinschaft is currently looking for a suitable location for a second concrete plant. "The discussions are ongoing, " said the spokesman of the communications office.

However: the production plant is currently not part of the approved zoning section 1.2. A simple change of the land use plan is not enough for how the city of Stuttgart had already signaled in March.

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2007-05-12 23:47:57 by Deshka

Dry wall is not that hard to do. I was doing

It before I was out of my teen years, also used a table saw, skill saw, drill, running wire, roofing, hardwood flooring. I was a girl then, now I am an old woman, who still does these kinds of things when I have to. there is always work to do in the rental we own, and i do it. I have no plans on learning how to use the chain saw, but I run band saw, drill press, and many more pieces of equipment. There is no time like now to start learning. go for it.

2007-12-18 06:23:22 by mortieandtenon

Mortise & tenon

Instead of hiring someone to make a few mortises & tenons for you, consider a few less expensive alternatives (after all, they're going to charge you a nice chunk of change for their "expertise").
First of all, depending what tools you have, you might be able to buy a mortise cutter to use with a drill press. Easy, inexpensive & it works fairly well. Tenons are easily made on a table saw.
If you don't have those tools, consider buying a plate joiner (aka a biscuit joiner). Not too expensive, pretty easy & might be a good fit for what your doing (I haven't seen the plans, so I can't say for certain)

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