Drill Press Table Lift

Source: Press Office of Iscar - 18/08

Photo: Iscar To cover the diameter range 61-80 mm, Iscar has expanded its line of interchangeable bits twisted DR popular. Now, the family covers the full diameter 14-80 mm. Among the main line applications are part of the manufacture of automotive and aerospace parts and molds & dies.

As technical characteristics, drills offer versatility, fast penetration, process safety and extended life.

Available in whole metric sizes, the new drills are supplied with interchangeable shims to change the diameters of the holes. They fit in the tablet and capsules can be exchanged in minutes. The new drill DR accommodate large square inserts 10, 11 and 12 mm.

Offered with two types of chipformers, the tablets are available in three classes: IC 808 and 908 for low alloy steel, stainless
steel and alloys at high temperatures, and IC 8080 for iron and steel.

Learn more about Iscar the portal CIMM.

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  • Features a solid steel top that raises and lowers on one central lifting cylinder.

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