Drill press table Homemade

No. Calーcloth card name Property Race ATK DEF Grade 303-001 Fury beast 4 Inflammation Beast 1800 600 303-002 That guy 5 Inflammation Angel 100 100 303-003 Sonic Duck 3 Wind Animals and Birds 1700 700 303-004 Turquoise dragon 4 Wind Dragon 1900 1600 Glossy 303-005 Amazon holy warriors 4 Ground Warrior 1700 300 Have their own field named "Amazon" biological one, this card attack strength by 100 points. 303-006 Amazon gladiator 4 Ground Warrior 1500 1300 This tetracaine into the battle to control who suffered combat damage to 0. 303-007 Amazon Swordsman 4 Ground Warrior 1500 1600 Gold flash / full diamond This tetracaine into the fight, who suffered combat damage control by the opponents to bear. 303-008 Amazon blowguns Bing 3 Ground Warrior 800 1500 Each stage of their preparation, choose your opponent one creature. The biological attack before the end of the round down 500. 303-009 Amazon pet tiger 4 Ground Beast 1100 1500 Silver word This card can only have one in their field indicates the presence of the side table. Your field has a name "Amazon" creature, attack power increased by 400. They do not destroy this card can not attack other named "Amazon" creatures. 303-010 Skilled white mage 4 Light Magica Kei 1700 1900 Glossy Their opponents or use magic card, this card is placed on a "magic Count" (up to three). The magic of placing three counts sacrifice this card, you can from your hand, deck, graveyard special summon a "Dragon destroy Swordsman" to play. 303-011 Skilled black mage 4 Dark Magica Kei 1900 1700 Glossy Their opponents or use magic card, this card is placed on a "magic Count" (up to three). The magic of placing three counts sacrifice this card, you can from your hand, deck, graveyard Special Summon a "black magic" to play. 303-012 Apprentice Magician 2 Dark Magica Kei 400 800 Silver word This card is Summoned, Flip Summoned, or Special Summoned successfully, the side of the field and can be placed on the card counting magic plus a "magic counts." This tetracaine fighting corrupt, you can choose one from the deck 2 star or less magical creature with the family in the side fielding expressed placed in its own field. 303-013 Dedication of the old magician 2 Dark Magica Kei 450 600 Reverse Effect: One creature destroy opponents court. 303-014 Chaos Magician 6 Light Magica Kei 2400 1900 Gold flash / full diamond l This card is a biological effect for the object is invalid. 303-015 Magic puppet 5 Dark Magica Kei 2000 1000 Their opponents or use magic card, this card is placed in a "magic count." This card has a magic count, this card attack strength by 200. Remove the two magic count Destroy a creature card. 303-016 Elf Knight 2 Light Magica Kei 1300 200 This battle and sent to the Graveyard Cain, rivals from our Graveyard magic card, into the top of our deck. 303-017 Magic swordsman 4 Dark Magica Kei 1600 1000 Gold flash / full diamond This card is Summoned, place a "magic Count" on this card (up to 1). This card has a "magic count", this card attack strength by 300. Removal of a magic count Destroy 1 Magic or Trap card on the card. 303-018 Felweed 2 Dark Magica Kei 500 200 Reverse effect: all can be placed in the "magic Count" put on a magic card counting. 303-019 Magic lead scientist 1 Dark Magica Kei 300 300 Pay 1000 Life Points, Special Summon from the fusion of the deck below the fusion of one six star bio. The fusion creature can not directly attack the opponent and at the end of turn back fusion pile. 303-020 Wang Magic Library 4 Light Magica Kei 0 2000 Themselves or opponents using magic card, place a "magic Count" on this card (up to three). Remove this card "magic Count" three, draw a card from the deck. 303-021 Magic armor 4 Light Rock 2400 1400 Silver word This card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, or Special Summoned turn can not attack. Themselves with the opponent's Standby Phase, remove his court a "magic count." Can not be removed, this card is destroyed. 303-022 Infected with the family 4 Water Water 1600 1000 Discard one hand and declare a race, the opponent with his side of the field was the Declaration of the race all destroyed. 303-023 Death Koala 3 Dark Beast 1100 1800 Reverse effect: each one opponent's hand, 400 points of damage to your opponent. 303-024 Black Scorpion - dismantle the trap Bandit 3 Dark Warrior 1200 1000 This card Battle Damage to your opponent's time, you can launch an effect below. 1: Destroy a Magic, Trap cards. 2: the opponent's pile two cards sent to the cemetery. 303-025 Fairy grocer who 1 Light Insect 200 700 Reverse effect: from his pile of cards flop, the first to appear Magic or Trap card, adding hand, the rest of the card is sent to all of the cemetery. 303-026 This guy 10 Water Angel 200 100 In their main rounds, one round only one card can be used as equipment equipment in the "guy" who, or lift equipped with table-side attack represents restitution. Is equipped creature ATK 3000, and the attack was Defense Position monster, if the attacking force is greater than DEF, the difference will be deducted from the basic points on the opponent. (One biological organisms can be equipped with only one joint is equipped creature is destroyed by the fighting, instead of this card is destroyed.) 303-027 Family cat ears 1 Ground Beast warrior 200 100 Implicit Cape Round the opponent when the opponent with this card battle biological attack would damage calculation becomes 200. 303-028 Absolute obedience Majin 10 Inflammation Malignant magic 3500 3000 This is the only card on your field as well as the hand is 0, this card can attack. Biological effects of this card is destroyed, the effect will be invalidated. 303-029 White-tailed black cat 2 Ground Beast 800 500 Reverse effect: your opponent two cards and their own biological field a bio-card back hand. 303-030 Amazon curse division Typically Magic Rounds before the end, one of your field named Amazon's your side of the opponent side of the field of biological and represents one of the original biological attack interchangeable. 303-031 Fist fight gun Sustainable Magic Attacked Defense Position biological defense forces attacking creature than the opponent's attack power is even higher, the attacking creature destruction. 303-032 Large damage hit Infused Silver word Equipped biological attack power increased by 400. Attack Defense Position creature, attack power is greater than if the garrison force, the difference will be deducted from the basic points on the opponent. This card leaves play, remove the equipment, bio games. 303-033 Spirit of unity Typically Magic From the deck of "spiritual unity" plus one into the hands of cards, this card can only be used once a round. 303-034 Mass capstan Sustainable Magic Sacrifice their own field a bio, 400 points of damage to your opponent. 303-035 Clairvoyance Sustainable Magic To pay their preparation stage 100 hit points. You can confirm the opponent top deck a card, confirmed after the back, and the opponent can not be confirmed. 303-036 Lung damage the card Typically Magic Own deck or graveyard a "dragon destruction Swordsman" to join hands. 303-037 Those who steal pot Speed ​​attack magic "Strong Desire pot" activate this card when launched, "Strong Desire pot" effect is invalid, and we draw a card from the deck. 303-038 I am as shield Speed ​​attack magic Opponent hold "Destroy biological effect" card, pay 1500 Life Points to launch invalid and destruction. 303-039 Magic guide books in order Speed ​​attack magic We opened three cards from the deck on the heap, you can change the order, and then back into the deck, and the opponent can not confirm. 303-040 One million times the magic guide Cannon Typically Magic Silver word Remove from the sub-floor 10 "magic Count", destroy all cards your opponent. 303-041 Dark force stone Sustainable罠 After launch, on this card placed three "magic counts." Their possessions can put this card a magic magic count to another can be placed on the card counting. When this card is destroyed when it is no magic count. 303-042 Amazon crossbow team Typically罠 Glossy When the opponent declares an attack, your field has named "Amazon" can be launched when the creature exists. All creatures your opponent into your side (reverse effect invalid), and the attack power 500. Opponents all creatures must attack. 303-043 Rescue drama Typically罠 Silver word In the field there named "Amazon" targeted creature card can be launched when launched, becoming the object of bio card counterassaulted card. Special Summon from your hand and a body other organisms play. 303-044 Magic dry thirsty Typically罠 Your opponent will be myself and all the "magic Count" removed. 303-045 Hidden magic guide book Typically罠 His turn to launch, from his Graveyard two magic cards, adding deck after shuffling. 303-046 Miracle of the resurrection Typically罠 Remove your field of two "magic Count" in your Graveyard Special Summon one "black magic" or "dragon destruction swordsman." 303-047 Brainwashing lift Sustainable罠 When this card is on the field, your opponent all creatures with their own control over the return to the original holder. 303-048 Disarmed Typically罠 All field equipment cards destruction. 303-049 Against the Magic Min Remove your field two "magic Count", launched the Magic Card invalid and destruction. 303-050 Vitality learn magic Typically罠 The court said that all creatures in the side fielding side into a table that case, reversing the effect is not launched, there is an effect on your field of biological, reply 400 hit points. 303-051 Super magic swordsman - Killing the Dragon black magic 8 Dark Magica Kei 2900 2400 Silver word half drill / relief This card can only be played fusion summon this card side of the field is present, a discarded hand, you can make magic card launched invalid and destruction. The audience or the cemetery there is a Maronite every creature, attack power plus 500. 303-052 Two heavy magic Typically Magic Yinzibanzuan Discard from your hand a magic card, choose one from the opponent cemetery Magic cards, when their card. 303-053 Diffusion volatility Typically Magic Yinzibanzuan Pay 1000 Life Points. Select your field more than 7 star magic to make family biological one, in this turn can attack, give each other all the creatures attack. Therefore, the effect of biological attack destroyed the effect will not start. 303-054 Lung damage Swordsman 7 Ground Senshi 2600 2300 Relief Your opponent and the opponent has a Maronite cemetery every creature, this card attack power plus 500.

2005-10-09 23:05:29 by cornet


Your Rigid list-
"The table saw.
The 15" drill press.
The 14" bandsaw.
The spindle sander.
The planer."
-looks like exactly what I need.
I picked up a broken display model craftsman drill press at Sears for $35. I was looking at the other tools and I noticed it sitting off to the side. It looks like it got knocked over and landed on the electrical transformer. I did a bit of repair and shes good as new.
The Rigid does look well made to me. I think my next item is the Rigid band saw with table and dust vac for $349 at Home Depot.

2003-11-11 02:15:12 by MeM

Well, my opinion is you should get

3 hand-held power tools in this order of importance:
(1) A 14.4 or 18-volt cordless, 3/8" or 1/2" drill.
(2) "Skilsaw," i.e., 7 1/4" circular saw. I agree the brand isn't that great now. I would NOT get a worm-drive, like the one I have, if you're a diyer. A "side-winder," or top-handle saw, is much lighter and less awkward, and non-pros don't need the enormous, 8-hour-a-day power that worm-drives are capable of. You can't hold a worm-drive with one hand, especially overhead or vertically.
(3) Surprise: a 4 1/2" hand-held grinder. You can do all kinds of things with one of these: grind metal and masonry, cut metal and masonry, sand, polish, detail sand, chew out wood with a circular chain-saw type blade; and other stuff

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