Drill Press t slot table

Quick T-slot clamping of drill press vise

A drill press is usually a fixed drilling machine . It consists of the foot, the column and the spindle , the speed is sometimes continuously adjustable or through a gear set. The tools are, in the case of drill or drill chuck , is via a Morse taper . Depending on the design of the drive and the power feed as well as the design of the transmission, a different range of speeds can be covered. This has the consequence that only one can be processed to a certain extent limited range of bore diameter with this machine. So there are machines of this type, to about 500 rpm have their range of only a few x10-turns and are therefore more likely designed for drilling in the range 30 to 120 mm bore diameter. Furthermore, there are special forms that allow a mechanical limit on rotation. Thus, in connection with a compensating chuck and possible threading. Especially in older models, the speed and feed values ​​are the use of HSS tailored tools.

For small models, the work table can be adjusted via a screw clamp not only in height but also be pivoted laterally. This is done solely by human power by releasing the lock, as well as raising or lowering the re-clamping the table. However, for larger models of the work table is secured by a screw clamp, but with a rack and pinion allow the height adjustment. In addition, the foot takes the coolant tank for large designs with cutting oil or drilling emulsion on.

Other special forms are also available in the DIY sector or workshop area, bench drills and Reihenbohrwerke.

Drilling and foot of the table at the work table form a unit, which usually receives even the switching elements such as spindle-on, screw-off, emergency stop, the coolant switch or a group speed switching. Here is often no need for a complicated mechanical transmission (for cost reasons) and the speed selection via a V-belt drive implemented. This requires only the cover over the motor and the spindle is opened, loosened the clamping screw for the belt tension, the belt to the desired pulley pair turned over and the belt tension to be adjusted. The feed is generated via a lever on the side with hand or arm strength. The working height can be adjusted in such a way that the whole headstock is designed with adjustable spindle, motor and gear unit.

However at Reihenbohrwerken the foot and the table, usually in an ergonomic working height for all spindle form a solid unit. The height adjustment of the spindle to the work table via a dovetail , wherein each spindle can be adapted to the specific work process individually and independently of the others. This makes it possible to said Reihenbohrwerken "small" assembly lines set up in which a plurality of drilling operations can be continuously implemented on a workpiece in succession. Thus then successive edits are as drilling , sinks , reaming , chamfering and threading possible. The technical development of this Reihenbohrwerke have been more and more replaced by CNC machines or found only in smaller contract manufacturing for prototypes and short runs their use.

MLCS MLCS 2326 Drill Press Table and Fence with T-Track Hold Downs Included
Home Improvement (MLCS)
  • T-Track Hold Downs Included
  • A quality table at an unbeatable price
  • Add versatility and precision to your drill press
  • 12" x 24" Drill Press Table
  • 2 T-tracks included, adjustable Fence for maximum holding power
2013-08-15 12:43:06 by CFow

Looking for a table saw and drill press to use

I've been doing a little woodworking lately but I badly need a table saw, and a drill press wouldn't hurt, for my latest project. I don't really want to rent one and can't afford to buy one, so I was wondering if someone with a table saw would be willing to let me use it for maybe half an hour one day. I just need to mill a slot and cut to size some pieces of wood to make some folding knife handles.
I'm in Mill Creek, just for a little info.

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Dake Corporation Dake TB-16 Model Bench Drill Press, 110V, 1 Phase, 5/8" Drill Capacity, 17.75" Length x 12.25" Width x 42.5" Height
BISS (Dake Corporation)
  • A locking handle hub with convenient dial-in adjustment and an easy to read scale for fast, accurate, and repeatable depth setting changes
  • CE safety electrical package features push button on/off switch, emergency sto...voltage controls, thermal overload, and interlock safety switch for belt cover
  • Large diameter sturdy spindle for rigid drilling has four bearing points for smooth operation
  • Massive cast head, machined column, and sturdy cast base reduces vibration
  • Machined table and base surfaces with t-slots for mounting and fixturing
Incra Incra TTRACKREG48 48-Inch T-Track Regular
Home Improvement (Incra)
  • General purpose aluminum T-Track
  • Use on jigs, fixtures, work benches, drill presses, router tables, sliding platforms, fences, etc
  • T-Slot captures standard 1/4-inch nut or 1/4-inch bolt head
  • Includes #8 wood screws for mounting to any application
  • Available in 18-, 24-, 36-, and 48-inch lengths; ships at 1.2-pounds
  • Fence is 3 1/2" H x 18" L
  • Add one or two fences to any PRO-GRIP clamps for a short or long fence
  • Use on bandsaw, router table or drill press
  • T-slots run the length on the back and front of the fence
  • Fasten feather boards, false fence boards & stop blocks -Drill PRESS & CLAMP SOLD SEPARATELY

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