Bench top Drill Press table

Drill press table

Press Release This product provides more power, longer battery (1.5 Ah) and performance torque regulation to adapt to any work combining technology and design in the smaller size.

The cordless tools for performing skilled jobs at home are living a revolution with the implementation of the lithium batteries. Thanks to its adoption in manufacturing DIY tools are helping to reduce the size of the products with respect to the batteries provided with nickel-cadmium (NiCd) innovating to provide better handling and comfort in use, and finally, extending the life thereof. Therefore, the multinational has introduced its new RYOBI screwdriver CSD-4030G, the first launched in Europe this multinational 4V battery and 1.5 Ah, and will be marketed in Spain from October 2007.

With over 30 years experience in the development of portable electronic equipment for DIY, building and gardening, RYOBI begins to market the CSD-4030G screwdriver, a screwdriver small and maximum efficiency, without cable, lighter and handier . In addition, this screwdriver can be used from a 80% charge, the self-discharge process is slower and have no memory effect on the battery, resulting in greater durability. Respect for the environment is another premise of the company, as it facilitates easier recycling.

Small size without compromising design and performance.

One of the main problems when designing smaller tools is the number of features that can be maintained with respect to larger products. The RYOBI design team has joined the new screwdriver CSD-4030G a good finish with dimensions of 18x13x4, 5cm without sacrificing developments include absent in other similar competing products. The result is a little gem of design and technology.

First, the CSD-4030G enhances the usual power cordless screwdrivers small to 4V, which provides increased possibilities of use. Second, it increases the capacity to 1.5 Ah battery, extending its range and duration of each load.

In addition, within its slimline extra features are included as Quickchange ™ system, which allows adapting different types of drills and screwdrivers tips with one hand. This product incorporates an LED consists of two LEDs that indicate the direction of rotation for screwing or unscrewing, while a third LED placed under the adjustment system illuminates the work area to be sharp. The new CSD-4030G adds again a proper element of professional machines: mechanical regulator torque (more reliable than mail mode), a clutch with 12 levels of adjustment for better control of the pressure and adaptable to each type of work and material. The maximum torque of 5 Nm force is offered a rate rarely achieved by similar sized screwdrivers.

Following the performance of CSD-4030G screwdriver, it incorporates a spindle lock system for finishes requiring the highest accuracy. For a company like RYOBI, part of TTI ( one of the largest industrial groups in the field of power tools for maintenance and refurbishment of the home and garden, it is necessary to carry home and benefit the largest number possible, making the DIY is easy and safe for anyone.

Finally, as significant features of this small but complete screwdriver just 470 grams, it is worth mentioning its wide grip, made GripZone ™, bi-slip material and anti-vibration, and incorporating a large trigger that covers virtually the entirety. Again, the new product reflects the commitment of the company to put aesthetics and design in the service of ergonomics and comfort, as well as offering the best value.

2009-02-18 21:43:00 by slimline

About 20 plug-ins on work bench

Drill press, bench grinder, radio, cd player, two batter chargers, belt sander, router, corded drill, jig saw, hot glue gun, couple of swing arm lamps, stapler, air compressor, phone charger, clock, extension cord to table saw, extension cord to bandsaw, extension cord to planer, portable planer.
Now you are ready to build a nice birdhouse or a credenza and can focus your energy and attention on efficiency and not where you are going to plug the next tool in.
There are never ever enough places to plug things in when you get going on a project in a garage and have an assortment of power tools

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