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  • Detection of under-and over-current


  • 809S - Current monitoring relay


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The typical application areas for current monitoring relays Series 809S include:

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  • Compressor
  • Conveyor
  • Cutting and Drilling machine
  • Fan
  • Sound mixer
  • Pumps
  • VFD-controlled motors

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utopiatools #1 Best Seller Mini Bench Drill Press Hobby Drill Press
Home Improvement (utopiatools)
  • Mini Drill Press
2006-11-30 10:48:01 by Dove2

New drill press might not be as good

There are so many older units around that are SO MUCH BETTER than newer units, it's hard to go shopping like this. But if you have to buy new and don't want to risk Craftsman or Delta, some users have given good reviews to a couple of the Harbor Freight models - such as the ITEM 38142-6VGA, a drill press with umpteen speeds and a motor that lasts more than ten minutes.
BUY LOCAL is my advice. And figure on $200 minimum if you have to buy new. The Ryobis have terrible reps for runout and Delta quality control is slipping. So's Sears. Home Depot is backing off big Ridgid tools so check twice before investing a huge amount

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  • Avatar tegulevi Does anyone have experience with a grizzly G9969 radial drill press? im looking for reviews?
    Dec 01, 2010 by tegulevi | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    Just looking for some user reviews.

    • Yes. I have experience with that machine.
      You can find reviews online, however most of them are written by salesmen, i.e. "editors' that work for woodworking magazines or "tool-fool" publications. My review is honest simply because I have nothing to gain or lose from the tr …ounted to a heavy work-base. When the radial arm is fully extended, the slightest weight or working-pressure makes it front-heavy. Therefore, I recommend that you attach it to a massive bench or table. Otherwise, it's a good tool, well-built and engineered to last far beyond its warranty-period.

  • Avatar myst4art What is a floor-type drill press?
    Mar 09, 2006 by myst4art | Posted in Other - Electronics
    • A drill press is typically the non-portable version of a drill machine. A drill press machine is large enough to sit bolted on the floor or workbench, while being high enough to be handled by the craftsman. There are several advantages of drill presses compared to their hand-held cousins. Primar …de. Most tables tilt by rotating on a pivot. A rack and pinion cranking mechanism for adjusting table height is preferable,especially for raising heavy projects. When choosing a drill,precision is always the first priority.You would not expect to drill a ø10 mm hole when using a ø8 mm drill bit.