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The mechanical == drill is a machine tool derived from the ancient lathes . These machines along the lathe gave rise to other machine tools such as milling machines , and grinding of cylinders.

[ editar ] Components of a drill [ edit ]

The drill is a specialized machine generally consists of a head, called zone , which puts rotating a tool called drill . The drill tool call is made ​​of a metallic carbide often produced by the process of sintering consists of helical channels that facilitate the outflow of eroded material from the machined or cutting edge out of the hole, similar to the one Archimedean screw . The drill penetrates the metal or other material leaving a round hole and precise dimensions. Therefore, the drills are machine tools specializing in drill holes.

[ editar ] Types of drills [ edit ]

There are many types of drills, among these there are the drills Horizontas the industrial drills, the drills vertical, radial drillings, drillings manuals, electro-pneumatic automatic drills and drill presses forward servo-driven.

[ editar ] Drilling horizontal [ edit ]

The nomenclature is self explanatory. These machines are mounted horizontally parallel to the ground and are longitudinal holes parallel to the floor, too. Are generally large equipment that make holes large diameters and heavy workpieces difficult to handle, hence the need to use it in the horizontal direction.

[ editar ] Industrial Drills [ edit ]

Machines are large and with many features usually have tables workholding that incinam in various angles , and are coordinates tables. In general these machines work in three axes and can make holes in any angles and positions.

[ editar ] Drilling vertical [ edit ]

Drills are the most common found in any establishment in general metalworking. They consist of a base for fixing the workpieces to be pierced, it may or may not have a vise and a table of coordinates of displacement and tilt of the parts to be pierced in three axes. It is similar to industrial drill, the only difference are the features and size of the equipment.

[ editar ] Radial drilling machine [ edit ]

It is a machine tool similar to milling, tailstock has a radially 360 degrees horizontal, and has support tools ( drills ) with variable tilt 360 degrees vertical. In general has a table in three coordinate axes (x, y, z), and have inclinations of the table 180 degrees. The radial drilling machine is indispensable in modern industry metallurgy . It was from the radial drills, the automatic lathes, and milling machines universal emerged the modern robotic machining centers.

Drills are as the name indicates machines that lend themselves to many uses in industry and in the home. Machines are extremely versatile. Serve as drills, esmeratrizes, hammers, aparafusadeiras and other uses that depend on the user's creativity.

[ editar ] Drill Automatic Electro [ edit ]

The units have drive stick with electro machining speed adjustable via hydraulic regulator incorporated and "stop" mechanical adjustable, ensuring accuracy of hole depth processed. The units perform fast forward approach, inching machining and rapid return to the resting position, presenting a smooth, quiet operation. The positions of rest and end of the course are monitored electrically.

utopiatools #1 Best Seller Mini Bench Drill Press Hobby Drill Press
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  • Mini Drill Press
2006-11-30 10:48:01 by Dove2

New drill press might not be as good

There are so many older units around that are SO MUCH BETTER than newer units, it's hard to go shopping like this. But if you have to buy new and don't want to risk Craftsman or Delta, some users have given good reviews to a couple of the Harbor Freight models - such as the ITEM 38142-6VGA, a drill press with umpteen speeds and a motor that lasts more than ten minutes.
BUY LOCAL is my advice. And figure on $200 minimum if you have to buy new. The Ryobis have terrible reps for runout and Delta quality control is slipping. So's Sears. Home Depot is backing off big Ridgid tools so check twice before investing a huge amount

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    Dec 01, 2010 by tegulevi | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    Just looking for some user reviews.

    • Yes. I have experience with that machine.
      You can find reviews online, however most of them are written by salesmen, i.e. "editors' that work for woodworking magazines or "tool-fool" publications. My review is honest simply because I have nothing to gain or lose from the tr …ounted to a heavy work-base. When the radial arm is fully extended, the slightest weight or working-pressure makes it front-heavy. Therefore, I recommend that you attach it to a massive bench or table. Otherwise, it's a good tool, well-built and engineered to last far beyond its warranty-period.

  • Avatar myst4art What is a floor-type drill press?
    Mar 09, 2006 by myst4art | Posted in Other - Electronics
    • A drill press is typically the non-portable version of a drill machine. A drill press machine is large enough to sit bolted on the floor or workbench, while being high enough to be handled by the craftsman. There are several advantages of drill presses compared to their hand-held cousins. Primar …de. Most tables tilt by rotating on a pivot. A rack and pinion cranking mechanism for adjusting table height is preferable,especially for raising heavy projects. When choosing a drill,precision is always the first priority.You would not expect to drill a ø10 mm hole when using a ø8 mm drill bit.