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1 South Southern Expressway will cost $ 1 billion Nanao news, Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott (Tony Abbott) last week pledged to contribute 500 million financing plan in South Australia Darlington dimensional transport hub (Darlington Interchange). According to data released by the South Australian Department of Communications, the entire southern highway project funds totaling 1 billion, which means that the rest of South Australia 500 million taxpayers will foot the bill. According to the advertiser (The Advertiser) reports, SA Transport and Infrastructure Minister 库斯托尼斯 (Tom Koutsantonis) announced this week that the department has in 2010 to carry out the three-dimensional transport hub comprehensive study confirmed that the total investment will up to 10 million, of which the viaduct construction cost of underground passages 900 million, with the Southern Motorway (Southern Expressway) direct connection channel will cost 120 million.

2 Victoria's public schools for gifted students to expand the elite courses in Victoria news, out of fear that a lot of gifted and talented students' needs are not met, the Victorian Government decided to merit more public high schools have a higher learning potential students, providing them with fast class courses. According to the Times newspaper reported that a parliamentary inquiry found that some schools do not want to learn or gifted students to skip the morning, although these methods have been proven to be beneficial. Therefore, the Government will prepare for early admission to primary schools and hop-level mentoring program.

3 Australian Services marked decline in the overall economic contraction in Australia news, the latest data show that Australia's services sector have fallen sharply, and business-related services such as transportation and warehousing industry is particularly depression. According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported by the Australian Industry Group (AIG) and Commonwealth Bank (CBA) Performance of Services Index developed by April this year, fell 5.5 points, down 44.1 points, below the distinction between growth and contraction of 50 points. Australian Industry Group Master 席威劳克斯 (Innes Willox) said that the companies have reduced prices and costs to respond to weakening demand.

4 to prevent tax evasion multinational Australian government will seek to strengthen tax management news Canberra, the Australian Federal Government is seeking views on tax evasion for multinationals to strengthen tax administration, protection of Australia's tax base and prevent cross-border business tax loopholes drilled Australia . According to the AAP news, federal Assistant Treasurer Bradbury (David Bradbury) said that the Government has taken measures to tighten tax administration in order to block a series of tax loopholes, which will protect Australia over the next four years 100 more than one billion Australian dollars national tax.

5 will be held in London in September LONDON Australian Art Exhibition, Royal College of Art in London will host the UK's largest-ever art exhibition in Australia. According to Australia wide coverage, this is named "Australia" art exhibition will be opened this year in September. Exhibits by all the art galleries around Australia to provide, including paintings, drawings and multimedia works of art. National Gallery of Australia, Canberra (NGA) is helping to coordinate the preparation of this exhibition. London's Royal College of Art Soriano (Kathleen Soriano) Professor, will be exhibiting works of art encompasses more than 200 years of Australian history and landscape.

Buffalo Tools 16 Speed Drill Press
Home Improvement (Buffalo Tools)
2006-11-30 10:48:01 by Dove2

New drill press might not be as good

There are so many older units around that are SO MUCH BETTER than newer units, it's hard to go shopping like this. But if you have to buy new and don't want to risk Craftsman or Delta, some users have given good reviews to a couple of the Harbor Freight models - such as the ITEM 38142-6VGA, a drill press with umpteen speeds and a motor that lasts more than ten minutes.
BUY LOCAL is my advice. And figure on $200 minimum if you have to buy new. The Ryobis have terrible reps for runout and Delta quality control is slipping. So's Sears. Home Depot is backing off big Ridgid tools so check twice before investing a huge amount

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