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The family of a teenager shot dead by a Border Patrol agent said he will continue to fight, after the Department of Justice decided not to file criminal charges.

On Monday August 12, during a press conference, Guadalupe Guerrero quietly said "we will continue demanding justice" against a mural of her son, Carlos Lamadrid, near North Fourth Avenue. Guerrero is suing the government in federal court.

The March 21, 2011, the Douglas teenager shot several times in the back while trying to evade the authorities and cross into Agua Prieta.

The Justice Department announced the closure case Lamadrid, like investigating the shooting death of Ramses Barron Torres, who was shot by an agent in 2011. In both cases, the Department concluded that there was insufficient evidence to file federal civil rights charges or to prove that agents were not acting in self defense.

In the case Barron Torres, also said he had no jurisdiction, because the murder occurred on the Mexican side of the border, when officers shot through the fence from Nogales, Arizona. Zelma Barrón Torres, mother of Ramses, could not be reached for comment on Monday.

"In the last two years, 19 people have been killed along the border (south), " said Isabel Garcia, a lawyer and local activist. "We are asking for justice and an end to this impunity, " he said during the conference.

Rarely are criminally accused agents or their identities are revealed. The Guerrero family got a court order for the name of the agent who shot Lamadrid, so they could be included in the legal documents.

The Office of the Cochise County Attorney, said on Feb. 12 that Lamadrid review the case again before making public comments.

According to the Arizona Daily Star, sister paper of The Star of Tucson, County Attorney, Ed Rheinheimer, said in December that has made its decision on whether to prosecute or not the agent involved, but expect the failure of federal authorities to not influence their decision.

Many incidents of shots, including these two, involving stone throwing. To the Border Patrol agents are authorized to fire only when they or someone else is in danger. The stones are considered potentially lethal.

The Guerrero family is asking the federal government to change the use of force policies Border Patrol said Jesus Romo, one of two lawyers representing them.

The Homeland Security Department said last year that it was reviewing the policies of the agency, as a result of these incidents. On Monday 12, the public affairs office said there is no end date, but expected to be soon.

After more than two years Lamadrid's death, his family is still awaiting answers. "We want to know why, " said Reyna Guerrero, sister of Guadalupe. "We need answers, and we will not stop until we have them."

According to a police report of Douglas, in March 2011 a Chevrolet Avalanche gold was loaded with bundles of marijuana. Police officers saw the van and followed Lamadrid. The 19 year old drove to the border and ran to the fence. When climbing a ladder on the fence, in Agua Prieta men threw stones the size of bricks to the agent. The officer fired several bursts Luke Tidwell and Lamadrid fell. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Buffalo Tools 16 Speed Drill Press
Home Improvement (Buffalo Tools)
2006-11-30 10:48:01 by Dove2

New drill press might not be as good

There are so many older units around that are SO MUCH BETTER than newer units, it's hard to go shopping like this. But if you have to buy new and don't want to risk Craftsman or Delta, some users have given good reviews to a couple of the Harbor Freight models - such as the ITEM 38142-6VGA, a drill press with umpteen speeds and a motor that lasts more than ten minutes.
BUY LOCAL is my advice. And figure on $200 minimum if you have to buy new. The Ryobis have terrible reps for runout and Delta quality control is slipping. So's Sears. Home Depot is backing off big Ridgid tools so check twice before investing a huge amount

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