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Are you sometimes too lazy to deny the way to the water with a giant tackle? Rodpod up, find the right position for the chair, bored stare for hours at the same place? We show you how to do it differently.

Actively fishing with the poses assembly comes up close to the fishing with lures. We like to use this method to heavily fished waters where the predators already barely react to artificial baits. The charm of the whole story is exactly the places to look, analyze spots and then to outwit the perfect placement of Köfis his dream fish.

What we need ...

Is ... not much. The unit we can outside before here. The tail should withstand the fish there is. To remember is that you can expect bite of perch, pike, perch and catfish. Furthermore, your rod should have enough throw weight, so you can throw your bait relaxed. In the role should - the brakes work well - as with any other method. The cord is already a very important factor in this method. It is advisable to fish with low stretch, braided line. As you will soon see in the Spot search, we often find the fish right on the branches or reeds before edges and lily fields. In there the fish will try again during the fight to escape. So you should fish be fine in any case.

A wader is very helpful. It has therefore always to the advantage abangeln, reed edges and interesting spots vertically.

Potential sites

In the following pictures we show you a few points, which turned out for the present method to be very successful. These are just examples. You will find similar spots on each of your water. The aim is to make all again head where the fish dwell time of day.


Totally simple: string stopper, pose, Bebleiung, Flexonit and the appropriate drilling for the target fish. In the two stoppers should in turn be raised, as it is not always given in the braided cord that stops the perfect fit. Also can wear through due to friction of the rubber stopper and there is a loss. So you will not have to completely re-install, it puts two in advance so better stopper on the main line. When the pose is recommended Balzer Pike Crystal Clear Line Pose . This pose has the following advantages: it has a very sleek design, which brings us the advantage that in strong winds little pressure on the pose and is hence a strong drift is avoided. She also has a transparent body, thus the effect of displacement is reduced, even in clear water or when fishing in very shallow water.

When lead is up to you whether or Olive shot rig etc. When we use most like Flexonit. This is a pretty soft material and allows the bait fish game much more rigid than titanium or the like. A tip for beginners: Stay away from the cheap, green jacketed Stahlvorfächern in your tackle dealer. Surely you can catch fish with it, but definitely lose.

To the triplets: Here it is equally important not to buy cheap tackle. It's too bad to lose a fish, only because the drilling bends up in the drill. How Matze Koch always preaches: Saves not on the details! This quote, we can only underline. As triplets very reliable to have the triple hooks of the company owner proved.


When the bait is for us to get them well in advance. Right at the beginning we told you that to "less is more" is. Everything else, even a rod, a bucket, feed or whatever else we need to catch bait fish would be unnecessary ballast. We are looking for the fish finally active. So worried you before a selection of baitfish. Given the size you should be prepared for all eventualities. For it often happens that a swarm perch or walleye pike appear in the game. For it is to react - and a number of small fish. When mounting it then only needs to adjust the treble. As bait fish are pretty much all white fish, but also bass is always readily accepted.

Vintage Reprints Historic Reprint Conversion. Electric shaver plant. This New England plant, whose normal product is electric dry shavers, has now converted its facilities to the production of small, machine tool parts. This drill press which formerly made pressure pinholes 8x10 Matted Black in. ID14011
Home (Vintage Reprints)
  • Matted Historical Photo Reprint
  • Actual print measures 5 x 7 inches
  • Mounted in 8 x 10 inch black mat
  • Ready to frame using your 8 x 10 in. frame
2004-09-18 14:50:25 by smittythewelder

Re. "Drill Press, Anybody"

Kyre wants to drill his own motorcycle rotors. People tried to talk him out of it. Why? How's a kid going to learn anything if he doesn't take a few chances and screw up a few parts? It's not like he's going to total his bike.
Kyre, I've done this operation on my old Yamaha RD-400, and if I can, you can. First, come up with a hole pattern, lay it out, and transfer it to heavy paper. Or, paint the rotors with layout dye, and scribe the pattern on directly. Be accurate so you don't throw the balance too far off. Then center-punch for each hole.
Go to an industrial supply, not a cut-rate hardware store, and buy two cobalt drillbits of the size hole you want

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Amico Amico 19" Drill Press Quill Feed Return Coil Spring Assembly 2 1/2"
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  • Total Size : 6.3 x 1.8cm / 2.5" x 0.7"(Max.D*T);Color : See the Picture
  • Material : Metal
  • Net Weight : 171g
  • Package Content : 1 x Drill Press Spring
Vintage Reprints Historic Reprint Production. Willow Run bomber plant. Drill press lineup, 1943 style. Both men and women man the machines which are turning out parts for America's bomber planes at Willow Run, Michigan. Ford plant, Willow Run 8x10 Matted Black in. ID13724
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  • Matted Historical Photo Reprint
  • Actual print measures 5 x 7 inches
  • Mounted in 8 x 10 inch black mat
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Vintage Reprints Historic Reprint Conversion. Floor waxer plant. This drill press and all other machines of a small Eastern floor waxer company had to be rebuilt to accomodate defense production parts. Complete retooling was accomplished in two weeks, a phenomenally short ti 8x10 Matted Black in. ID14019
Home (Vintage Reprints)
  • Matted Historical Photo Reprint
  • Actual print measures 5 x 7 inches
  • Mounted in 8 x 10 inch black mat
  • Ready to frame using your 8 x 10 in. frame
Vintage Reprints Historic Reprint Conversion. Jukebox plant. It's all for fun now, but his technical skill in operating this multiple drill press will soon be applied to far more important production. That's a jukebox part under the drill but as soon as the jukeboxes now in 8x10 Matted Black in. ID14062
Home (Vintage Reprints)
  • Matted Historical Photo Reprint
  • Actual print measures 5 x 7 inches
  • Mounted in 8 x 10 inch black mat
  • Ready to frame using your 8 x 10 in. frame

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