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Accessories and Parts

With a high quality spare parts or accessories for e-tools to achieve satisfactory work results. The original spare parts ensures the safe operation of the tool when it is used properly and regularly renewed. Drilling accessories expand the possibilities enormously, for example, a cone mandrel. It is available in different sizes and is used to hold the chuck on tools with Morse taper. The precision ground Reduction is an accessory that takes tools with Morse taper shank. A drill is a drill table for stationary drilling machine, drilling equipment can be used by different shanks. The chuck is often required spare parts. In the appropriate category to find keyed chuck, chuck and keyless multi to switch the accessory tools. Related chuck you can already order a spare part precautionary online as they are often lost. Accessories such as drill bits and chisels away with the expeller from the tool cone, semi-automatic machine allows one-handed operation. This accessory is made of special hardened steel and is available in sizes 0 to MK MK 6

Appropriate accessories & spare parts extend the life of your power tools

Wide range of accessories for boring bits can be found in our guide pins and pens . A replacement part of the group handles, side handles, side bar handles, side handles and grips allow effortless driving of heavy tools. With the right parts and accessories, the service life considerably extended, especially a dust cap protects the moving parts on jackhammer and drill. The workplace remains clean with a handy suction, the PSB used as important spare parts an integrated dust extraction. You need a drill accessories also an adapter and dust filters for the micro-filter system. Other extractors, a fabric dust bag, paper bag or a dust bag is attached. To cool the drill bit, a drill core can be optionally equipped with Nassbohrzubehör werden.Vom suction device over the water pressure to the water collector the appropriate replacement part is available in the online home improvement store.

After each use should, of course, tool maintenance, ie thorough cleaning done. Various accessories and every spare part can be stored clearly arranged in transport cases & bags .

The Bosch World Cup campaign

"With the green power tools from Bosch, you always land a hit! Perfect for world championship results. During the period from 01.05. Till 31/07/2010 when you purchase a green power tool on an invoice amount of 79.00 euros a track jacket or a retro football, free when you buy a green Bosch Cordless Schlagbohrschraubers or cordless driver drill from 149.00 euros a suitable lithium-ion battery Additional them.

The large Bosch actions

Bosch starts with four great campaigns in the year 2010 1 The Elektrowerzeug Action: When buying a Bosch power tool with an invoice amount of 79, 00 € or more, you get the 46-participated Mixed accessory to it!

2004-09-18 14:50:25 by smittythewelder

Re. "Drill Press, Anybody"

Kyre wants to drill his own motorcycle rotors. People tried to talk him out of it. Why? How's a kid going to learn anything if he doesn't take a few chances and screw up a few parts? It's not like he's going to total his bike.
Kyre, I've done this operation on my old Yamaha RD-400, and if I can, you can. First, come up with a hole pattern, lay it out, and transfer it to heavy paper. Or, paint the rotors with layout dye, and scribe the pattern on directly. Be accurate so you don't throw the balance too far off. Then center-punch for each hole.
Go to an industrial supply, not a cut-rate hardware store, and buy two cobalt drillbits of the size hole you want

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