Drill Press parts spindle

  • This machine is a classic!

    FICEP, this machine for more than thirty years ago, which has now become a benchmark for each manufacturer of machine tools.

    The carrier automatic CNC-shaped line to the hole and flat profiles FICEP Excalibur is the first single-Portalbohrlinie that handles support for the steel construction industry with the system CANTILEVER.
    The machine is attached to and moves along its Beladetischs.
    This simple and intelligent solution to provide a machine that depends on its loading table, provides small and medium steel structures a drilling unit with:

    • cost-effective investment
    • small overall dimensions
    • high flexibility
    • High productivity due to their incredible versatility

    Thanks to a set of wheels, which are mounted on ball bearings, the main body of said drilling unit slides on a robust support which traverses the loading table.

    This support is provided with a holder, ensured by a toothed pinion of the precise movement of the machine. An electro-mechanical sensor detects the origin of the part and makes it possible to start the operating cycle. The part to be machined is not moving and is fitted with automatic mounting with double action (brackets top and bottom) firmly clamped in the working position.

    • Reduced footprint
    • The Excalibur requires only 50% of the floor space of a conventional carrier drill.
    • No manual programming required
    • The CNC automatically manages the programming of drilling, deburring, welding, thread cuts and depressions.
    • The dual-axis system reduces the electrical hardware by 60% compared to drilling lines with multiple spindles.
    • No Setup
    • The Excalibur offers not just one, but two hydraulic clamps that are automatically positioned as part of the movable spindle assembly. Thus, the operator no longer needs to clamp the part of hand.
    • The loading of the material is easy because the parts to be processed can be positioned anywhere along the length of table data, as the system locates the source of the portion of drilling automatically.
    • Versatile usability, since short pieces can be placed in multiple copies on the table, allowing the operator to continuously rotate the parts while the system is drilled.
    • The excellent productivity of Excalibur normally creates the production of 8-10 employees with manual methods.
    • Return on investment: We can help you to estimate how the Excalibur simply pays in less than a year.
    • The operator of an Excalibur is 30% more productive than the operators working with the models of competitors. The wireless control function makes the Excalibur the continuous walking of the operator to the other side of the machine to select the next program unnecessary.
    • High drilling performance because the Excalibur has a 7.5 kW spindle for drilling holes with a diameter of 40 mm and the high speed of the spindle allows use of high performance tools, which require a higher feed rate and a higher speed of spindle . The Excalibur offers both!
    • System diagnostics from a distance: the proprietary control system for Commissioning FICEP offers a remote diagnosis function. With a simple telephone or network connection, our customer service support team to perform the same diagnostic routines that we would perform when would stand by your drill. If we can not solve the problem, we can identify what part is needed, and our service technicians can arrive with the required part, instead of traveling just to diagnose the problem in the establishment of the customer and then wait until the next day arrives.
    • Automatic compensation for non-rectangular sections: the contact location of the probe material is fully programmable. In combination with our software for non-rectangular sections, this makes the operator's efforts to determine the zero point of the cut and the need for manual operation of the CNC program unnecessary. This function can also be used for sections that have been folded prior to drilling.
    • Accuracy of positioning: positioning the spindle axis is ensured by ball screw and a CNC controlled servo motor, and the spindles holding car sliding on self-lubricating, high precision prismatic guides.
    • The drill is lubricated with a centralized printing system which is installed on the table of the machine from the inside and out.
    • Remote Control: The operator manages all processes to preset the machine with a wireless remote control.
    • Safety: Victory the main body is provided with sensing devices, which stop the machine in contact with an obstacle.

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