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AK-47 (referred to as K, alašnikova a vtomat Table 19 Goda, a vtomat K-table alašnjikova19 47 47, also known as the Kalashnikov and Callas) automatic assault weapons are used in most of the Eastern European Group countries during the Cold War. Standardized 1947th year, Mikhail Kalashnikov designed the original manufacturer is a Russian IZH. [1] compared to most assault rifles II. World War II, AK-47 assault rifle is a compact, at a proper distance shooting, it is strong and able to change shooting modes (automatic, semi-automatic, automatic, and there is an option set, every time it needs repetirati After shooting, ). One of the first true assault rifles, and is widely used today. Production of a variety of models of the AK than any other combat weapons. [1]


Michael, while he was in the hospital, he heard another wounded complaining weapons used, and now he took a pencil and paper drawing rifle in all weather conditions, will be a lightweight, accurate and practical.


Shutter Type Remarks
1A / B-type fastener made of pressed steel of the original AK-47. Folding butt-1B modified. Drilling a large hole on each side of the lever hardware.
Type 2A / B machined cast iron.
Type 3A / B the latest version tokarenog, shutters, made of wire. The simplest example of a mechanical shutter treated AK-47.
Type 4A / B AKM stamped steel fasteners. This type of closure is the most common AK series of weapons.
Production outside of Russia

This matrix shows only the military version and summary information has been published in the book, Potter, AK-47 and AK-74 Kalashnikov rifles and their variations.
Control Shqiptar Albanian Earth model variant 56 (ASH-78 Tip -1), a Chinese copy of the AK-47.
Automation Shqiptar Tipi 1982 (ASH, 82), a Chinese copy of the AKS-47.
Automation Shqiptar model 56 (ASH-78 Tip -3), select NSPU and missile launchers.
Is assembled in China some Chinese-made rifles, wearing serial code Albanian National Army, as well as in parts of Albania.
Bulgaria AKK (3 AK-47 type), AKKS (3-folding buttstock)
AKKMS (AKMS) AKKN "47 (with stand NPSU telescope at night)
AK-47M1 (3 plastic processing)
AK-47MA1/AR-M1 (-M1 same, but in the 5.56 mm NATO caliber)
AKS-47M1 (AKMS NATO 5.56 mm), AKS-47MA1's (if AKS-47M1 same, semi-automatic version)
AKS-47 (AK-47M1, short barrel, folding stock, DDR, laser sighting)
AKS-47uF electrolytic (version shortened barrel, M1 and Russia folding butt), AR-SF (AS-47uF, but in caliber 5.56 mm NATO)
AKS-93SM6 (-47M1, like a grenade launcher is not supported)
RKKS, AKT-47 (.22 caliber weapons, training)
Finland VALMET Rk.60, Rk.62, Rk.76, Rk.70 (U.S. civilian market semiautomatic version)
DDR MPI-K (AK-47), MPI-KS (AKS), MPI-KM (AKM), MPI-KMS-72 (AKMS), MPI-KMS-72K (KMS-72 variants, shortening the tube);
Egyptian AK-47, MISR 7.62 (AKM), Maadi Hungary AK-55, AKM-63, AMD-65, AK-63F (AMM / ALM), AK-63D ​​(AMMSz / AKMS), SA-85 米(semi-automatic version of the U.S. civilian market), AMP-69 (meaning the police and the Special Unit)
Iraq Tabuk (M70B1, M70AB2)
Tabuk (M70B1 tube length 23.6 inches, optics, different hull sniper rifle)
India arsenal Committee clone AK-47, known as the AK-7
North Korea Type 58A (3 AK-47 type) type 68A type, 58B (pressed steel folding stock, AKS-47), (AKM) Type 68B (AKMS)
Chinese Type 56 (AK-47) , 56-1 type (AKS-47), Type 56-2 (AKMS and polymer materials instead of wood element, butt folded to the right),
Model 81, Type 81-1 (on the right side folding stock and Model 56-2)
Pakistan, the company produced a copy of Pakistan's tribal Polish KBK AK / PMK (AK-47), KBK ACS (ACS), AK PNG60 KBK KBK, KBK AKM (AKM) KBK AKMS), WZ. 88 tantalum (a special folding butt AK-74), : KBK WZ. 96 Berrier Romania PM md.63 (ALM), PM md.65 (AKMS), PM md.90 times (AKMS East Germany folding buttstock right.), PM md.90 (difference to baseline md. 90 is a short tube;, all models use the model of the police and special forces).
md.80 PM (GDR copy of MPI AKS-72K shorten the pipeline, visually the same series md.65, in AKS-47/AKMS original docking overlap).
Collectively referred to as the export wear AIM (md.63), Ze (AIMS) (md.65, md.90 standard tube length).
Yugoslavia and Serbia (grenade launcher) M64 (AK-47 barrel), M64A,
M64B (M70 W / folding stock), M70, M70A, M70AB2, M77

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This by the way is from William H. McNeill's Pursuit of Power (1982, Univ. of Chicago Press), an exploration of how the industrialization of the manufacture of the implements of war was itself the primary stimulus to the mass commercialization of Western society, and how the world of human beings was turned into a market for that deadly product.  

(Synopsis: By providing the wea...tential stifled by its existence, content themselves with a cry and a moan, the more resourceful among them turning to the creation of edifying works of fiction for bedtime consumption by the impotent disillusioned intelligentsia. (i.e., they're fools enough to deserve their fate at the hands of petty villains.)  The denouement is yet to come, as the lights go down and the curtain rises....)

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