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I received a number of questions about the differences between the green and blue range from Bosch.

Besides the fact that the blue line is reserved for professionals, it is normally found in large public DIY store, it is much more reliable and robust effect, the manufacturing techniques are not quite the same, of more certain devices do not exist in the green range, such as perforation chipper 36V lithium battery, the drill / screwdriver 36V lithium, the angle grinders on batteries and large chipping hammers competition. Some devices do not have coal which is a definite advantage in terms of longevity of the machine, the batteries when they have time to charge about 30 minutes for a 36V lithium-ion battery and is 70% load after 15 minutes, these batteries are larger and include technologies earmarked for this range only.

It must be heard dough, if the green line is very affordable for some devices are not talking about lithium drills, table saws and drill presses, the blue range, it explodes counters with prohibitive prices for DIYers (it should also be said that Bosch is a large part of its margin on the drunk range, since catching the pros VAT), when you buy a drill 18V lithium green range 200 € you find this 18V blue about 680 €, € 650 for a 14.4V, 1125 € for a perforated chipper 36V and 865 € for a drill 36V li, a drywall screw gun is 240 €, a miter saw is € 1380, etc ...

You see for yourself that they are innabordables price for lambda dricoleurs, even if the quality is there, and it is incontestable that the blue line is the most reliable.

Bosch is not the only brand to have a pro range, the Black and Decker Dewalt brand Skil also to a professional range. Dewalt for example if you buy a perforated 600W to 185 € in line B and D so red / orange you find exactly the same, same carcass, even with Dewalt power, the only difference from the brand, the color became yellow and the price goes from 185 to about 360 €.

To summarize, the pros generally ranges are reserved for pros, for the simple reason that prices are affordable only by them but also because, as a handyman has no interest to spend triple or quadruple the price screwing a screw into a shelf or cut from time to time a round concrete.

DELTA Delta 1310084 Spring with Housing for Drill Press
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  • Fits several Delta Drill Press models
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2008-12-07 15:41:56 by copterfixer

Yea its a harley

Harley man go look at your bike. under the clutch between the lever and the switch housing is a button. my assumption is that if you have the bike parked in gear. you can simply squeeze the lever and that will alow the bike to start without takign it out of the gear. but now the new lever wont press that button. i had to drill the hole because if i left it jammed inside the housing then it wouldnt screw closed. i tried that also. these are the right parts from the stealer for my bike. i just dont get why im having issues on simple crap.
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