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"The Green Mile" made ​​him an overnight star Michael Clarke Duncan (right) with Tom Hanks
Michael Clarke Duncan was one of the great discoveries of 1999: After one could previously experience the impressively built two-meter man primarily in small appearances as a bodyguard or bouncer, he succeeded to the role of alleged child murderer John Coffey in the Frank Darabont 's sensationally successful Stephen King adaptation " The Green Mile "alongside Tom Hanks breakthrough. The part earned him an instant a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Duncan was born in Chicago, where he grew up with his single mother. First, he dealt with more drugs and alcohol than to go to school. Since his mother was against a target football career, he studied at Alcorn State University in Mississippi communication sciences. After returning to his hometown, he took a job at the Peoples Gas Company and improved his income with occasional jobs as a bouncer in various clubs on the South Side. By chance, he met a stage manager, who gave him a job with a theater group that went on tour with "Beauty Shop, Part Two".

Thus, the 130-pound man landed after 56 days in Los Angeles. After more than 50 auditions, he secured the role of a drill sergeant in a beer commercial. After a series of further work for the advertising he was from F. Gary Gray for his directorial debut "Friday" (1995) with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker discovered. 1998 Duncan had the sympathy of the audience when Bear alongside Bruce Willis in Michael Bay's blockbuster " Armageddon - Armageddon "on his side. On the side of Bruce Willis, Rosanna Arquette and Matthew Perry , he played a killer in Jonathan Lynn 's comedy " The Whole Nine Yards "(2000).

Other movies and series with Michael Clarke Duncan: Ice Cube 's directorial debut, "The Player's Club" (1997), "Stone Cold II - Heart of Stone" (1997), Warren Beatty 's satire " Bulworth , "" A Night at the Roxbury " (both 1998), " Spot "(2001), Tim Burton 's " Planet of the Apes "remake (2001), " The Scorpion King "(2002), " Daredevil "(2003), " Pursued - A headhunter knows no mercy "" George and the Dragon "(both 2004), " The Island ", " Sin City "(both 2005), " Ricky Bobby - King of racers ", " One Way ", " School for Scoundrels - What do you need is the right stitch! (all 2006), " Kung Fu Panda "(voice)" The Last Mimzy - My girlfriend from the universe "(both 2007), " Family Guy "(Series, 2006/07)" Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins, "" Delgo "(voice), " American Crude ", " Suite Life of Zack and Cody "(series, all 2008), " The Slammin 'Salmon ", " Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li "(2009 bede ), "Black, White and Blues", " Cats and Dogs - The Revenge of Kitty Galore "(voice, both 2010), " The Sibling ", " Bones - The Bones "(series), " A Crush on You " " Kung Fu Panda 2 "(Voice), " Green Lantern "(voice, all 2011), " From the Rough ", " The Finder, "" The Adventures of High Fructose Annoying Orange "(both series)" The Loud: Around the Time ", " In The Hive "(all 2012).

On television, saw the muscle mountains with guest appearances on "The Jamie Foxx Show" (1996), "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" (1990), "Weird Science", "Married ... with Children" (1987), "The Wayans Brothers, "" Sparks "(1996) and" The Bold and the Beautiful "(1987). Michael Clarke Duncan died on 3 September 2012 at the age of only 54 years of a heart attack, he on the 13 Suffered in July of the same year and of which he had never really recovered.

Popular Mechanics Press, Chicago Drill Presses, Plane, Grinders: Two practical drill presses, motorized hand plane, heavy-duty grinder from old auto parts, high-speed hand grinder (Little Library of Useful Information, Number 79)
Book (Popular Mechanics Press, Chicago)
2001-12-28 20:23:05 by Neo


This by the way is from William H. McNeill's Pursuit of Power (1982, Univ. of Chicago Press), an exploration of how the industrialization of the manufacture of the implements of war was itself the primary stimulus to the mass commercialization of Western society, and how the world of human beings was turned into a market for that deadly product.  

(Synopsis: By providing the wea...tential stifled by its existence, content themselves with a cry and a moan, the more resourceful among them turning to the creation of edifying works of fiction for bedtime consumption by the impotent disillusioned intelligentsia. (i.e., they're fools enough to deserve their fate at the hands of petty villains.)  The denouement is yet to come, as the lights go down and the curtain rises....)

2003-06-04 05:01:04 by MeM

I'll confine myself to power tools.

I would get them in this order:
(1) 14.4 volt or higher, 3/8" or 1/2" cordless drill. You already have a drill; if it is plug-in, you can make do with it and a long extension cord, say 50 ft or more, until you tire of dragging the thing around with you.
(2) 7 1/4" hand held, top-handle (not worm-drive, back-handle) circular saw, aka "Skilsaw." See thread of last 2 days or so for more det...amazingly versatile. You can mount the following heads on it: metal-grinding; metal-cutting; masonry-grinding;masonry-cutting; wire cup brush; wire disc brush; other shaped brushes and grindstones; a chain-saw like circular blade to rapidly gouge out wood; a 1" wide detail sanding belt; buffing wheels; sanding wheels;and probably a few other things I have either forgotten or don't know about yet

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