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All things are intertwined - but you did not know how (until now)

Right on time, seemingly in coherence with the ongoing plans to revive the well-known TV series "Dallas", the Hardgoods Media Kunstverein Dortmund starts to "OIL SHOW" . Arriving at the U, you almost stumble over a construction sign Which announces the imminent erection of an oil drill tower next to one of the vacant spaces - well, did Certainly Already is part of the exhibition. But at the press conference, we are informed thatthis is not a part of the exhibition. Indeed, there are drillings scheduled in Dortmund, the much-disputed fracturing method will be applied right here and theywill drill a 2500 meter deep hole in the soil Dortmund.

The journalists are outraged - and show one of the possibleness reactions to the facts and artworks presented in the exhibition. The other possibleness ones would be: disturbance, frustration, or the good old anti-capitalist Affects.

Drilling for a better life - with art?

Advertising campaign DOTOILDOT - Be soft! Survival Of The Softest 2010 (c) UEBERMORGEN.COM

Instead of Reacting indignantly to the oil drillings at the U, You Could have a look on the Which consortium wants to produce oil right here in Dortmund: among others, there is the US-based company IDC (Their motto "Drilling for a better life "). Then, there's a Russian and Arabian to group, and a kind of BP-shaped logo Which is not BP.

There will not be any drillings at the holy U: everything, including the refinery whith its pipes running along the walls of the building, is a product of the imagination of the artists of Uebermorgen.com . So part of the Exhibited works in the OIL SHOW: documentary films, computer games, wall graphics, and video installations. They show the reality, or a part of it.

State of the world - in oil

Movie Still from The Dubai in Me 2010 (c) Christian von Borries

Our prosperity, and the basic prerequsite for globalization: mobility - is oil. In spite of all the inherent criticism and denunciation of the prevalent power structure perceivable in all works, Inke Arns, curator of the exhibition and director of the HMKV, did not want to Organise aa moral show, but to show in actual state. Suddenly, all the things are intertwined: the grotesque wealth of the Sheikh with the bitter poverty of the immigrants, the pollution of the oceans with our prosperity, the arms lobby with the oil majors, politics with capital, with Nigeria, Norway, and Chicago brokers with a rebel behind a ski mask

2009-02-22 13:00:49 by Yenta_In_Training

Oh, honey, you haz no ideer. The first floor

Model bandsaw I looked at, was like $7,000.
And the first drill press was like $4,500.
Double yipes.
As for used, yeah, I could probably get them cheaper, but who knows how long they'd last? The ones I'd like to get, I think I saw them on the Ace Hardware, and Lowe's sites, respectively.
Initially, I don't care so much about brand-name, as either one should last me at least a year. That'll be time and profit enough, to think about a second loan, to maybe set up a store front and/or build a workshed and buy some good ones.

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Black Bull Black Bull DP16UL 16 Speed Drill Press
Home Improvement (Black Bull)
  • Built in laser finds exact center, Includes a work light and front mounted on/off switch for safety
  • 16 belt speed settings: 260 rpm to 4,220 rpm speed, 13-1/4-Inch swing / 3-1/8-Inch stroke / 5/8-Inch chuck capacity
  • Floor-standing model can be bolted to the floor for stability, Cast iron table, base and drill body
  • 12-Inch diameter rack and pinion worktable rotates 90 Degree left or right, Worktable easily raises and lowers up to 26-Inch to accommodate large pieces
  • Enclosed fan cooled motor, 1/2 hp motor / 4.8 amp / 550-watt / 120-Volt / 60 hz, Overall size: 22-Inch l x 12-Inch w x 64-Inch h, weight: 119-Pound

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