Antique drill press parts

My old drill press. Can you identify?

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Previous Next → ← Previous Next → A machine shop is a workshop where machines are powerful tools used to cut, shape, drill, and finish metals, plastics, glass and wood. Machining refers to creating a useful component (for example, an engine block) from raw materials (such as an aluminum block).

The processes carried out in garages are some of the fundamental processes necessary for the operation of an industrialized society.

While there are a number of processes workshop more specialized machines that are specific to certain industries, there are some processes of fundamental mechanics shop that are common to most machine shops. Here is a description of some of the basic processes of machine shop.


As is done in a machine called a lathe. A winch having a rotatable spindle on which is placed the raw material. As the raw material on the spindle rotates, various tools are used to cut and shape the material. A lathe is a machine that converts a smooth cylinder of wood in a table leg and tapered.

The finished parts can become straight, conical, slits, or curved. Lathes are perhaps the oldest machine tools, which have been used already in the period of ancient Egypt. While they were once lathes Pie, today run on electricity and a number of tapes.


Grinding is one of the final processes in the machining of materials. Improves grinding surface of the material being machined, smooth rough edges, and ensure uniformity of the surface. Grinding is used to ensure tolerance of machined parts and to ensure uniformity of the parts are machined.


Drilling with a drill press is a similar process during drilling fact home DIY projects. However, during the drilling of a hole in the home usually involves moving the drill to the surface you need a hole drilling in a machine shop usually means the use of a drill press, where it is placed the material to be drilled in a vise and fixed beneath a drilling head which moves up and down and use different bits. In addition to making holes, perforations can influence the mechanical properties of a machined part by reducing the residual stress around an opening.


Milling may involve solid materials horizontal and a vertical milling machine, depending on the position of the cutting tool. In milling, the workpiece is moved against a rotary cutter. Milling machines are used for the slot and key, drilling, die sinking, milling, planing and recesses.

The basic functions of machining made in a machine shop may seem normal, but have had an enormous influence on the development of modern society. Machining was a key to the progress of the industrial revolution in the 19th century.

Whereas before the machinery is made one at a time-to-time, the introduction of the machine had a huge effect on the creation and use of interchangeable parts and the ability of industries using assembly line methods.

Good repair shops are everywhere today, but it is safe to say that modern society could not function without the type of work done in garages.

2009-02-22 13:00:49 by Yenta_In_Training

Oh, honey, you haz no ideer. The first floor

Model bandsaw I looked at, was like $7,000.
And the first drill press was like $4,500.
Double yipes.
As for used, yeah, I could probably get them cheaper, but who knows how long they'd last? The ones I'd like to get, I think I saw them on the Ace Hardware, and Lowe's sites, respectively.
Initially, I don't care so much about brand-name, as either one should last me at least a year. That'll be time and profit enough, to think about a second loan, to maybe set up a store front and/or build a workshed and buy some good ones.

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