Alzmetall Drill Press Parts

Used Alzmetall for sale. Drill, Drilling and more

+ Used machinery, welding equipment, workshop equipment + 110 + auction closing positions: 13 June, from 14:00 clock +

After the closure of a production sheet arranger all machinery and equipment come under the hammer (about 110 positions). The machinery auction will be conducted from Düsseldorf GmbH Surplex used machine service.

For sale are including a PEDDINGHAUS steelworker, motor and hand shears and bending machines from TOS, in addition, a HM engine bending machine, a WMW Karl Marx Combined turning, milling and planing machine, continuous column drills ALZMETALL and BGU, and much more. The low starting prices are without reservation, each high bid wins.

The online auction ends on Wednesday 13th June from 14:00 clock. Viewing is available by appointment in Surplex stock Duisburg: +49 211 422737-25 (Mr. Kleinschmidt).

Link to online auction (Info, registration, bidding):

Who wants to participate in the used machinery auction must first register as a user on the Surplex web platform. This gives rise to no cost or obligation. Registration opens next company also individuals. Then you can log in immediately and make a bid.

Link to free quick registration:

More information about Surplex you find in Wikipedia:


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2009-02-22 13:00:49 by Yenta_In_Training

Oh, honey, you haz no ideer. The first floor

Model bandsaw I looked at, was like $7,000.
And the first drill press was like $4,500.
Double yipes.
As for used, yeah, I could probably get them cheaper, but who knows how long they'd last? The ones I'd like to get, I think I saw them on the Ace Hardware, and Lowe's sites, respectively.
Initially, I don't care so much about brand-name, as either one should last me at least a year. That'll be time and profit enough, to think about a second loan, to maybe set up a store front and/or build a workshed and buy some good ones.

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