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A drill press is a piece of equipment used for drilling in wood, metal and other materials for accuracy. It works like a drill Hand-Held, but offers a much greater level of control and precision. As drill presses are relatively expensive, it is important to compare different models before making a purchase. When choosing a drill press, consider factors such as power, speed, size and added features before making your final selection.



  1. Decide what kind of drill work best for you. Drill presses come in two basic varieties, including floor and table-mounted unit. Table or countertop models, are more compact and are suitable for most applications. Floor units are more powerful and versatile, but are larger and more expensive.
  2. Check the wattage rating for each unit. The power in a drill press typically ranges from 1/4 to 1 with highest rated models capable of piercing the heavier material and denser. Choose a unit based on the types of materials you want to work with.
  3. Compare speed options in each drill. The most basic units have a fixed speed drill, while more advanced units come with variable speed settings. Choose a unit with a high level of adaptability, if you plan to work in a wide variety of materials and designs. If you only intend to perform basic carpentry, a drill speed is simple enough.
  4. Determine the size of each drill press. The size represents the distance from the support column to the axis of rotation. According to Bob Vila Home Improvement, a drill press can cut 15 inches to the center of a 15 inch piece of wood. Look for larger sizes if you plan to work with larger objects.
  5. Depth quill review, also known as the "stroke." The higher the trace, the deepest, the tool can do in an object. When checking the depth of the quill, make sure you also check quill stops or stops depth, which help improve cutting accuracy.
  6. Consider the different options table. Basic drill presses often come with fixed tables, while more advanced units can be generated or diminished or even rotated around the central column. Some units even come with tables that can be tilted for easy access on special projects.
  7. Look for special features such as fences or guides that help users cut several objects at the same location. Other possible options you may want to look include sanders and planers internal or attachments mortise.

2009-02-22 13:00:49 by Yenta_In_Training

Oh, honey, you haz no ideer. The first floor

Model bandsaw I looked at, was like $7,000.
And the first drill press was like $4,500.
Double yipes.
As for used, yeah, I could probably get them cheaper, but who knows how long they'd last? The ones I'd like to get, I think I saw them on the Ace Hardware, and Lowe's sites, respectively.
Initially, I don't care so much about brand-name, as either one should last me at least a year. That'll be time and profit enough, to think about a second loan, to maybe set up a store front and/or build a workshed and buy some good ones.

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Palmgren - Drop Ship Palmgren 80174 17-Inch Floor Model Drill Press, Grey/Black
Home Improvement (Palmgren - Drop Ship)
  • 5-Inch Max spindle travel
  • Digital depth and RPM readout
  • 17-Inch swing 8.5-Inch from spindle to column
  • 16 Speeds from 138 RPM for metal to 3476 RPM for wood
  • Extra Powerful 1 HP dual voltage motor 120/240VAC

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