Delta Drill Press Model 17-990x

Delta Drill Press Model 17-990x, Type 1 Series No. 011033w4071

Column drilling machines on stand - 18-900L - Delta Power Equipment Corp. The first featured professionally drill press designed with the woodworker in mind. Bevels and inclinations of the table woodworker oversized patented compound drilling operations. This drill press also features T-slots for pressure and a removable insert CONCENTR to drill through-table. The system Auto-tensioning belt drive allows for speed changes fast and easy. Full stroke of the spool by 6 inches. for applications and the capacity of piercing the deepest Best-In-Class. The Micro-Adjustable depth stops and independent depth scale allows the user to zero the scale and set up for repetitive drilling, quickly and easily. TWINLASER fully adjustable projects a bright red crosshair on the work piece at the point of contact of the tip. The flexible LED light illuminates the work surface for

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Delta DELTA 17-990X X5 3/4 Horsepower 16-1/2-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press
Home Improvement (Delta)
2011-12-23 05:56:40 by soapy_water

Need Ryobi drill press help

I bought a used Ryobi DP100 benchtop drillpress with no belt. I have discovered the belt is discontinued and I can't find one anywhere (brilliant!). Any chance anyone on here has a similar drillpress and could measure the belt or get a number off of it so I can source one elsewhere?
Thanks in advance.

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