Delta Drill Press Floor Model


The electric sander has emerged in the 50s. It is an effective tool which allows to obtain a smooth surface, as long as you know its use and choose the right grain.

According to the sanding surface, there are several models.

Sander bands: ideal for large surfaces such as floors, but does not allow for sanding in corners. Sanding a floor, it is also possible to rent out a single brush sander. Caution: Make sure to always move as standing still in the same place may dig a hole.

For finishes and inaccessible areas rather prefer a angle grinder also called delta sander.

The sander: with its sole rectangular, it is perfect for small flat surfaces and finishes, as well as the orbital sander which is also used for polishing and buffing.

The orbital sander: it has a slightly double rotary motion. This sander is a "great finish."

These grinders operate with abrasive which is fixed under the sole and which in principle are perforated to permit the escape of dust.

The choice of the abrasive grain is very important for good sand , and is depending on the material to be ground.

An end to a wall sanding with 120 grit greatly improves the final appearance of the paint. To plaster it standardizes areas and strips the oldest traces of wallpaper or glue.

Always start sanding with coarse grain and finish with the finest (30 grain for the largest up to 600 for the finer).

If you do not have a sander, there is another solution: self gripping discs that attach to the drill chuck. Less expensive than sanding, they are more difficult to control.

The most effective are those tools equipped with an electrical drive, which allows for precision work. The real fault of the sander is dust it causes. Some models are equipped with bags or a vacuum function.

It is recommended to wear a mask and especially well close the doors of the room where you are sanding.

Whatever the grinding tool used, it should begin smoothly respecting the grain, never press the sander. Must proceed by crossing and always check the status of the abrasive. Remember to clean your grinder regularly to prevent dust does not enter the engine.

Good DIY!

2011-12-23 05:56:40 by soapy_water

Need Ryobi drill press help

I bought a used Ryobi DP100 benchtop drillpress with no belt. I have discovered the belt is discontinued and I can't find one anywhere (brilliant!). Any chance anyone on here has a similar drillpress and could measure the belt or get a number off of it so I can source one elsewhere?
Thanks in advance.

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