Bench Drill Press with Laser

Craftsman 10

- Universal motor 710 Watt
- Digital display for controlling the drilling
- Precision Keyless chuck with lock ring
- Cross-hair laser for precise holes – Il trapano a colonna da banco PBD 40 di Bosch è lo strumento ideale per ottenere risultati di foratura di alta precisione. Milan, 19 January 2012 - The drill press bench PBD 40 from Bosch is the perfect tool to achieve high-precision drilling. The PBD 40, unlike the column drills of traditional type, is equipped with a universal motor 710 Watts of power and electronic speed control, which replaces the traditional belt transmission, for a constant monitoring of the number of revolutions by means of a simple knob .

The PBD 40 is equipped with two-speed gearbox: the first speed provides high power for working with large drilling diameters, the second speed ensures a high number of revolutions to work with small drilling diameters. In addition, the function 'Constant Electronic' allows you to accurately set the number of laps and use and maintain the correct speed based on the type of material being processed.

The innovative digital display allows the user an optimal control and continuous drilling operation. The electronic indication of the number of revolutions and the ipostazione and block the drilling depth, thus allowing to perform in an easy and fast even holes in series. The precision keyless chuck with lock ring tightening the tip without the use of keys and ensures a perfect seal.

The drilling operation is further facilitated by the cross laser that pinpoints the location of the hole to be made. The adjusting wheel, with softgrip, allows a comfortable and controlled drilling progress. The LED light ensures perfect visibility of the work area.

The parallel guide and the robust work plan allow to precisely position and secure the workpiece. The V-groove on the base and the quick clamp allow you to work safely even pieces from the spherical shape to get a result of drilling extremely accurate.

The drill press bench PBD 40 is on sale at the recommended retail price of 329.90 Euros, VAT included.

Technical data

Bosch PBD 40

SKIL 3320-02 120-Volt 10-Inch Drill Press
Home Improvement (Skil)
  • 3.2 amp motor
  • LaserX2 2 Beam Laser System
  • Depth Adjustment System
  • 5 Speeds - 570 - 3,050 RPM
  • 0-45 degrees left and right tilting work surface
2006-04-29 00:20:31 by Seacrest

I need to buy a larger drill press this weekend

For making electric guitars. I just have to get a drill press with a larger space between the pole and spindle. I dont know the exact term, but I need to be able to drill further in towards the center of the piece. Right now I am running into the support post of my smaller drill press. I dont care if its floor standing or bench mount, but its got to have a 6 1/2" - 7" space between the post and bit. It will either be a Harbor Freight or something from Sears or Home Depot. Price is a major concern, yet I dont want something that will break in 90 days.
I just picked up a Ridgid 14" bandsaw that I'm pretty happy with

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Great Lakes Tool MFG INC WEN 4205 8-Inch Drill Press with Laser
Home Improvement (Great Lakes Tool MFG INC)
  • 2.3 Amp motor
  • No load speed: 1700 RPM
  • 2-Inch Drilling capacity
  • Chuck size: 0 - 1/2-Inch
  • Table size: 6-1/2-Inch x 6-1/2-Inch

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  • Avatar Icteridae Bench Drill Press recommendation?
    Apr 06, 2008 by Icteridae | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    I'm looking for a relatively light duty bench drill press, around $100 or less. My main projects are drilling through hardwoods no thicker than 4" and some drilling of brass and copper sheet stock. Of the models I've researched I have them down to four:

    --Task Force 10" Bench Drill …s carry enough power? I mean, I'm not plowing through chunks of knotty hardwood or blocks of metal with huge boring bits.

    I looked over this old article but really couldn't come to much of a conclusion.

    • I have had the Delta drill press for years and have been happy with it.

      Do the models you are looking at have variable speeds? Many have a belt drive arrangement at the top - and you select different pulley combinations for various speeds. This way you can select a lower speed (fo … not getting a top of the line, high precision model, and it will be from China (what isn't?). But it should be fine.
      After many years I replaced the key type chuck with a keyless type. The original chuck was going bad, I think, it was a little rough.

      Good Luck