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Sometimes when you have to pierce with a wooden drill is simply not caught in the drill press (such as drilled holes in the end of a table). That's where the ideal is to have something like a drill horizontally. When you need one, you need one, but those occasions are so rare that most carpenters do not (unless you have a Shopsmith, which apparently will do a fine job of drilling horizontal). So the few times I needed a finished drilling the holes by hand with a drill, but the drill guide at exactly the right angle is complicated and usually some hole I accidentally left a small angle, or at least I went when I built this bed frame

So I made this simple guide to drill horizontally and that solves the problem fairly. The guide is essentially a piece of wood that is mounted at the top of the drill and accurately aligned with the bore axis. Placing the drill in reverse on a flat surface, with the part to drill sergeants faces subject with him, that helps guide the drill at the correct angle to pierce the wood.

Make this style guide is very easy because many drills have a cylindrical section just behind the chuck. This means that we obtain a junction leading to the guide bore very good. Two of the holes I have with this cylindrical portion there are 43 millimeters in diameter. My game drills drills cup has increasing diameters of 1/8 "to 2". So for my initial experiment took the bit 1 3/4 "to the hole, which is 44.5 mm, which gave me a clearance of 1.5mm, which I figured I could remove to tighten against each other the two junction block halves once you cut off.

This turned out not to be ideal because with this approach the drill axis, mainly linked to the flat portions on the top and bottom in the connecting block, could turn a little side to side.

Fabricated a second guide, this time making a hole 1 3/8 "diameter (41.3 mm) or approximately 1.7 mm smaller than the diameter of the cylindrical bore. After drilling the hole and cut the block of union of two in the table saw, just needed a little to open the sides of the hole with the band saw. really did not need to cut too, repeatedly scrape only the blade side of the band saw (see the image of left). hold the drill I could block binding to a much more rigid with this approach.

In my version of the directory had to drill some wide and shallow holes in the base to allow portions of the casing bore from entering them. I could just make the junction block a little higher from the ground, but I thought it best to have drill closer to the base.

2006-04-29 00:20:31 by Seacrest

I need to buy a larger drill press this weekend

For making electric guitars. I just have to get a drill press with a larger space between the pole and spindle. I dont know the exact term, but I need to be able to drill further in towards the center of the piece. Right now I am running into the support post of my smaller drill press. I dont care if its floor standing or bench mount, but its got to have a 6 1/2" - 7" space between the post and bit. It will either be a Harbor Freight or something from Sears or Home Depot. Price is a major concern, yet I dont want something that will break in 90 days.
I just picked up a Ridgid 14" bandsaw that I'm pretty happy with

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