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I have an idea recently (While doing the eVGA GTX 650 review) I really, really need a station Tech / Bench Rig, so I would not have to keep opening my case and poking.Antec P180 Donor A station is basically a platform Tech outdoor people used to quickly switch hardware. I thought about buying one ... but where's the fun in that? So here's part 1 to a Station / Bank Rig Tech The first step is obviously to find a donor!

This is my dad and me so far and footrest, an Antec P180. A very well built and designed for your time, no doubt, but just do not survive well by today's standards the room and cable management. Well could rip apart and make it a technology station

Step 2: Safety first! Remember guys, whenever you have the potential of plastic or metal that is flying around Use your glasses. There is no excuse not to!

Step 3: Break the drill. I took a drill that was larger than the rivet holes. My weapon of choice here is cheap, but effective Black & Decker corded drill from Home Depot. Anything with a power behing some work (if you use a cordless phone, you may have something in the 16 + range volts, not sure if 12v be enough unless the metal / rivets are very soft)

Step 4: Search and drill the rivets. Use common sense and try to figure out exactly how it all comes together in the case, and drill from there. Remove from top to bottom!

You may have to get creative to find some of the rivets .. Antec is glued on top of the P180?

Step 5: Collect your reward! Things I received in this case 3 Antec 3 speed fans (ALWAYS keep extra fans around, you never know when your HTPC passively cooled video will begin to overheat when watching Netflix. Not that that happened to me recently or anything ... ), USB connector, connector headphone / microphone, an On / Off switch, 3 LED, lots of eyelets, plastic sheets HDD tray (not pictured) ride, and a variety of screws and odds and ends that come into my Modders drawer for later use / no. At least I have!

That's all for now! Stay tuned for Part 2, when I start to make sense of this pile of metal and build a budget Tech Station!

UPDATE: Part 2 of building a station Tech / Bench Rig has been published!

2006-04-29 00:20:31 by Seacrest

I need to buy a larger drill press this weekend

For making electric guitars. I just have to get a drill press with a larger space between the pole and spindle. I dont know the exact term, but I need to be able to drill further in towards the center of the piece. Right now I am running into the support post of my smaller drill press. I dont care if its floor standing or bench mount, but its got to have a 6 1/2" - 7" space between the post and bit. It will either be a Harbor Freight or something from Sears or Home Depot. Price is a major concern, yet I dont want something that will break in 90 days.
I just picked up a Ridgid 14" bandsaw that I'm pretty happy with

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