Bench Drill Press for metal

2006-12-05 04:18:30 by MiMamaRosa

In my old garage, I LOVED my pegboard

Before I had to move into this dumpy old mobile home, (that has no garage...sigh!) I used to rent a sweet little house that had a single car detached garage. I had a 12' long bench with a radial arm saw set up on it on one wall (so I could rip long boards). I had my chopsaw and drill press on one end of this bench, behind the ripping fence. I stored my table saw underneath this bench, but had to roll it out of the garage to use it.
On the opposite wall, I had a 10'long x 4'deep floor cabinet that had a light table built into it (for doing stained glass). I stored all of my drills, sanders, routers, skil saw, etc, inside that cabinet

2006-03-05 10:57:38 by Lib

Lib's collection....

Mitre saw-De Walt compound mitre saw, makita chop saw---both really durable and accurate...
Drill-Milwaukee 1/2" variable speed--enough torque to break your wrists if you're not careful. i use a cheapo skil drill for lightweight drill jobs. bought it for 30 bucks 10 years ago and still works fine.
Table saw---for the helluvit, i bought a cheapo k-mart saw about 4 years ago. after the blade wore out, i put a diablo brand blade on it and it works just fine for my purposes.
Drill press-again, i got a cheapo brand, works fine
Bench grinder--again, dad bought a cheapo Duracraft grinder about 25 years ago and still works great

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